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Sneak Peek At Orbit 5.4

Get a sneak peek into one of the many great features, that accompanies with Orbit 5.4

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Brian Kejlberg, Developer
Published August 19, 2021

At the Orbit Online office, we are planning the release of Orbit 5.4. We are quite excited about this update, which is packed with awesome features that will knock your socks off.

Collaborative Editing in Office 365

One of the many great features that accompanies the new update, is the possibility of collaborative editing. Many of our users have requested this feature. We have now found a solution! - and it’s pretty neat.

Orbit app for Office 365

We have developed an app for office 365, which gives your Office 365 temporary ownership of the specific file. Thus, the functions and policies you have defined on your own 365 solution will kick in. Pretty smart.

Here is a specification of how collaborative editing will work in practice.

Requirements: An Office 365 solution that you manage yourself + Orbit file share solution

Step 1 – get the app

Once you have downloaded the Orbit Office 365 app, you are ready to share your files from Orbit, with your Office 365 solution.

Step 2 – create or choose your file

Create your file in Orbit - granting you access to the features that Orbit file management offers.

Step 3 - enable collaborative editing

When you enable collaborative editing in Orbit, you trigger the app and the following technical workflow is performed:

  • The file is copied to your OneDrive folder and can now only be opened via Office programs
  • You can invite people to edit the file via link or e-mail
  • OneDrive continuously sends messages to your file in Orbit, keeping it updated At the same time, the document in Orbit will have a OneDrive icon, making it clear that this document is in collaborative editing.

Step 4 – disable collaborative editing in Orbit

When you have finished editing the file, turn off collaborative editing and OneDrive will send the latest version of the file back to Orbit. Now you can use the file in Orbit again and the profiles that have access to the file can now do so. Of course, the file will also be updated locally on your computer, if you are online.

What if I want to access a file that is currently being edited, locally on my computer?

If you have enabled file synchronization on your computer, the file will automatically open in collaborative edit mode. If you are offline, you will be presented with the original file instead. The changes you then make, will be saved as a copy.

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Sneak Peek At Orbit 5.4


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