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5 must-have tools

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Published February 08, 2021

Which tools you should consider adding to your task management toolbox

Task management is a discipline that often causes major problems within organisations and can give cause for issues like data errors, process bottlenecks, lack of a general overview and inefficiency.

Reach new performance-heights for your task management

How can you, as a company, overcome these challenges in the best way possible and ensure effective task management? A large part of the answer is to put together a purposive toolbox containing the task management workflow software of your dreams. In this article, we will introduce 5 must-have tools that can make your project and task management reach new performance-heights and create value for your business.

Ready to optimise?

  1. Resource planning – make the most out of your resources

    It often takes involvement from multiple employees with different skill sets and from different departments or teams. You may feel that it is difficult to keep a general overview of the workload within your business area, department, team or a certain professional group or skill.

    Solution: A resource planning software that gives you the insight and ensures that you make the most of your employees’ time, competencies and working capacities.

  2. Project planning – streamline your workflows

    Any successful project stands or falls with the project management. If you do not have the necessary overview, it is almost like wandering about in the dark – both for yourself and your project workers.

    Solution: A dedicated project planning tool that can visualise and systematise data, so the parties involved in the project are always 100% up to date with their own as well as other’s tasks.

  3. Time task management software – get time under control

    Time is money. That is why it is crucial that you and your co-workers get a good grip of your project’s time frame and time consumption, so you don’t risk missing deadlines or that projects get out of hand.

    Solution: The TimeTracker tool, gives you all the necessary functionalities needed to track and log time directly on your project.

  4. File-sharing – achieve full data accessibility and overview

    It is crucial that you can manage your files and share knowledge about the project as effortlessly and quickly as possible. These factors are often the key and a substantial gamechanger to your project’s level of efficiency and quality.

    Solution: With the Orbit File-sharing tool, you will get the best of both worlds: Easy document management and automatic data synchronisation.

  5. Communicate with your external stakeholders

    If your projects depend on the involvement of external partners, it is crucial that you keep them in the process loop, which often is a very time-consuming and resource-heavy task that involves passing on messages, sending documents, or updating headlines for your external collaborators.

    Solution: With the Orbit CRM you can invite external stakeholders to collaborate on your project, and let them follow the development and activities of the project

Orbit your whole business

We recommend that you choose a task management tool which provide close collaboration across the organisation. This way, your data is ensured to flow smoothly between departments and teams, and the history is continuously updated, which ultimately brings value to the rest of the organisation.

In our Orbit Planning & Execution platform, we have gathered the best digital tools to make your project management both scalable and more effective.

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