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How efficient resource management creates a healthier work environment

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Successful projects require the right teams and competencies

If you as project manager do not have sufficient and accurate insight into the available resources across the organisation, you risk that the unique resources and Work Centers become overloaded. This can have grave consequences for your employees.

Overbooked competencies and a capacity that cannot keep up pave the way for overworked employees. Consequently, they can be at serious risk of developing stress. Stress increases the risk of mistakes in production, and continuous strain can, in the worst-case, cost human lives.

That is why good resource management is essential for both the business and the employees' everyday lives.

Lacking an overview of resources puts occupational safety in danger

It is often a complex and demanding task to plan and estimate resources for production. In many projects, there is a need for specific competencies to execute certain tasks. To avoid unnecessary bottlenecks and overbooked competencies, the project manager must have an insight into the organisation’s current occupancy rate.

This scenario is far from reality in all larger production companies. Some companies try to overcome this challenge by letting an SAP controller create a project overview in Excel. The project manager follows the Excel sheet when booking resources for a project. It is rarely a sustainable solution since this approach is often imprecise and ineffective – with shortcomings and outdated data.

A lack of overview of resources often results in an imbalance where some Work Centers and some competencies are pushed to working overtime and run fast to reach milestones, which leads to overloading employees.

An unsuitable development that in the worst-case results in compromising on occupational safety.

The solution?

Make business data accessible

For the resource-strained production companies, a possible solution to the challenges is to send the organisation’s WBS-data – typically a SAP platform - in orbit.


Because such integration makes the organisation’s business data accessible on an operational plan. The data are easily available and can be used for project management and planning. Orbit Planning & Execution is exactly that. An integration solution that makes it possible for all, independently from the SAP controller’s Excel-sheet, to access updated data on the resources’ current and future load rate. It counts both at Work Center, department, and competency level.

Ultimately, this means that the implementation of Orbit Planning & Execution in a production company can lead to a healthier work environment, better well-being at the workplace, and a streamlined approach to your booking of resources.

In short: An investment in your staff safety – and future-proofing your business.

Need help to increase your staff safety?

We’re always ready to help you with your business’ digitalisation project so you can scale and streamline your project management.

We guide you from the starting point of your unique challenges, ensuring you a solution that adds maximum value to your business and employees.

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