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Orbit combines all your workflows on a single platform and enables you to execute projects competitively.

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The Project Management Solution That Benefits The Entire Organisation

Suppose you are looking for a solution that streamlines your workflow and transforms your entire organisation into a standardised and scalable execution process – from bids for new projects to entry in architectural competitions and delivery. In that case, Orbit is the obvious solution for you.

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Why You Should Choose Orbit
Forecast your next project

Orbit connects your pipeline to your project management and resource planning tools, allowing you to forecast future projects effortlessly.

Plan projects efficiently

With standardised templates and access to data from previous sales, Orbit enables you to plan even the most complex projects efficiently.

documentation & quality assurance

Key points when it comes to providing a higher quality of delivery and strengthening the collaboration between clients and partners – ultimately giving your organisation an unbeatable position in the market.

Convert projects to RFP material

Collect key data and implement automatic workflows which ensure that profiles and references are updated and easily transferred to the next tender documentation.

Project Management Software For Architects

Being a busy architect with many different roles, it can be a daunting task to keep an overview of the flow of your current projects while forecasting resources for new ones as well as preparing reference material for the next RFP. The answer to these challenges is an intuitive software solution that embraces your entire process and collects all data on a single platform.

Use a smart planning tool and spend time doing what you're really passionate about — namely architecture.


Orbit references

Core Features For Architects

If you work in a structured manner with project management and have the right tools available, you can standardise your processes. This makes your project flow more scalable on an organisational level and minimises the risk of mistakes and unforeseen events during the execution.

Orbit gives you easy-to-use tools and allows you to work data based across your organisation and project phases. Here is some of the cores features in action.

Integrate With Other IT Solutions

Orbit's open API that allows you to integrate this platform with many other IT systems.

This query technology is thoroughly tested and reliable and continuously developed which makes it highly scalable to your needs. This is our way of securing the future of both the Orbit platform and your business.

Read the technical article on how Orbit uses GraphQL for querying data

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