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Structure your data, gather historical information, make it easily accessible and provide an overview.

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Take Advantage Of a Project Management Platform That Gathers Your Business Data

Orbit enables you to gather your entire organisation's data on a single platform and allows you to standardise and streamline a range of internal processes – from tenders for new projects to design and delivery.

If you are looking for a solution that will make your workflow easier, then Orbit is the obvious choice.

Why You Should Choose Orbit
Plan Your Projects Efficiently

Make your data dynamic at an operational level for the optimal overview, and implement efficient workflows that automate processes and provide value to the entire organisation

Design & Delivery Management

Readily available documentation of results, enhanced collaboration across departments and a comprehensive GANTT-view will give you a comprehensive overview – allowing you to always stay on top of important milestones and quality assurance.

Convert Projects To RFP Material

Collect key data and implement automatic workflows to convert profiles and projects in upcoming tender materials effortlessly.

Streamline Your Sales Process

Orbit links your CRM, project management and resource planning tool, allowing you to forecast future projects and ensure that vital information is passed on from the sales process.

Project Management Software For Engineering

Engineering spans several areas: Civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, software, aerospace and many more. Regardless of your area of expertise, you need to plan and drive a host of complex projects. In an industry where competencies are crucial to your business and demand is high, you need to stay on top of planning, design and delivery.

To increase the efficiency of your project flow, you must have access to an easy-to-use platform with tools that allows you to work data based with your projects.

Cores Features In Orbit For Engineers

The Orbit platform consists of several tools that combine to allow you to work with data based process optimisation and give you a constant and up-to-date overview of your pipeline, project progress and resource allocation.

See how they work here


Integration With Other IT Solutions

Orbit's open API allows you to integrate this platform with many other IT solutions.

Our API is based on a thoroughly tested and reliable technology that is continuously developed and highly scalable to your needs. This is our way of securing the future of both the Orbit platform and your business.

Read the technical article on how Orbit uses GraphQL for querying data

Sales And Project Management – In The Same Booth

Orbit Use Case: What Happens In Your CRM When An Opportunity Becomes A Hot Lead?

In this use case we give you an example from Nordstern & Kamstrup, who have already combined sales activities with their project planning tool, and further insight into what value this has contributed to their business.

visit the use case here

Let's Get Started

We’re always ready to help you with your business’ digitalisation project so you can scale and streamline your organisation on the market. We guide you from the starting point of your unique challenges, ensuring you a solution that adds maximum value to your business.

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