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We are constantly updating our solution to make companies work with data more intelligently, streamlined and efficiently.

Right now, we are rolling out Orbit 5.3.0 to our customers - and we are proud to reveal that there are significant improvements in store.

The update adds a lot of new features that minimise the number of clicks and contribute to a workflow that continues to break down silos, which allows business data to flow freely between departments and organisational levels.

The update includes over 20 new features - but here are two new features that we are extra excited about


One has the primary purpose of reducing the number of clicks and simplifying workflows.

The other ensures standardisations and raises the quality of your project execution

#1 Attach checkpoints to your project tasks - easily and conveniently

Do you often have to remember to order materials for a specific task? Or do you have some fixed standards that ensure the quality of the finished product or delivery? In both cases, the new checkpoint feature in Orbit version 5.3.0 will undoubtedly be of great benefit and ensure the punctual handling of your project tasks.

With just a few clicks, you can associate a predefined checkpoint

With these checkpoints, you have the option of entering a "fixed date" or a "relative date". With a "relative date", you can define the date for the execution of the project assignment based on the start date or deadline of the assignment. In the video below, you can see how checkpoints can be added to a project task - easily and conveniently.

#2 Excel inline editing – directly in Orbit’s to do lists

In collaboration with our customers, we have significantly simplified the workflow concerning our two to do lists - both in the CRM and project planning tool.

It is quite simple: We have adopted the best features from the spreadsheet and implemented them in Orbit. That’s it!

A single click makes all the difference!

Previously, when you wanted to move, reopen tasks or assign them to a new manager, you had to open each task, make your change.

In Orbit version 5.3.0, it is made much easier. You can do it all directly from the overview. More specifically, this means that where our users previously had to spend three clicks on changing a single field, now only need to use one, single, click.

This shortening and streamlining of task management makes a huge difference if you have to edit many tasks at once - and at the same time the procedure becomes much more time-saving.

Do you want to see it in action? Then check out the video where we illustrate how it works.

Even more awesome new features

But the improvements do not stop here. On the contrary!

Orbit version 5.3.0 offers a wealth of other updates, which you are welcome to dive into right here.

And should any questions arise along the way for the individual features, we are of course always ready to elaborate on them for you.


  • Preserve search term after selecting a value in single- and multi-selects.
  • Display total time logged in on user administration dashboard.


  • The channel administration interface has been changed to better support large channel structures.
  • The user administration dashboard can be ordered by the latest login time.


  • Add new reminder action “meeting follow-up”.
  • Update timeline view for easier access to related notes.
  • Various improvements to the sales pipeline dashboard.
  • Allow displaying to do table in reverse.
  • Allow saving all filters in the to do table.


  • Add a refresh button to the project and to do overviews.
  • Add button to Gantt view that turns it read-only. This feature is optional and turned off by default.
  • Add group planning view when assignment groups are enabled.
  • Add Gantt view to to do table.
  • Hide activities with tasks in the to do view by default.
  • Allow hiding the part of a project tree that’s closed or irrelevant.
  • Copy an already existing task and distribute the hours to several people.
  • Update Gantt views automatically when someone makes changes.
  • Add option to force a match from a project CRM activity with the customer company.
  • This feature is optional and turned off by default.
  • Include comments in time registration export.
  • Add “Disabled” ribbon in project template interface.
  • Pulse internal communication
  • Only send push notifications to pulse replies if the receiver is the author of the original pulse or has previously replied to the thread.

CV & Reference

  • We have made the search result even more relevant by making sure that you are not presented with inactive profiles when searching for CVs - unless you actively select them.

Let’s spin you up on the new Orbit 5.3.0

Are you ready to send your data into circulation - and thus optimise your workflows as well as ensure the quality of the execution of your projects?

Book your Orbit demo right now, and we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a time.

Talk to you soon!

Are you already an Orbit user? In that case, you have probably already been updated to Orbit 5.3.0. If not, our support is ready to help you.

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