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HomeWelcome to Orbit 5.4

We are rolling out Orbit 5.4 to our customers and are quite excited about this release. It is packed with significant features and improvements.

This update is another improvement to a workflow which continues to break down silos and allows business data to flow freely between departments and organisational levels.

The update includes 12 new features - There are two new features in particular that we are extra excited about


One contributes to closer collaboration around your documents across the organisation.

The other simplifies your overview of documents with sensitive content and reduces the risk of violating GDPR- legislation.

1# One Click Collaborative Editing In Office 365

Many of our users have requested this feature. We are proud to announce that we have found a pretty neat solution!

We have developed an Azure app, which gives Office 365 temporary access to a file. Once permission is granted the functions and policies you have defined on your own 365 solution will kick in.

Here Is How It Works:

Requirements: An Office 365 solution that you manage yourself + Orbit file sharing

Step 1 – Install the app: Once you have installed the Orbit Azure app, you are ready to share your files from Orbit, with your Office 365 solution.

Step 2 – Create or choose your file: Create your file in Orbit - granting you access to the features that Orbit file management offers.

Step 3 - Enable collaborative editing: When you enable collaborative editing in Orbit, the app steps in and the following technical workflow is performed:

  • The file is copied to your OneDrive folder and can now only be opened via Office programs
  • You can invite people to edit the file via link or e-mail
  • OneDrive continuously sends messages to your file in Orbit, keeping it updated. At the same time the document in Orbit will have a OneDrive icon, making it clear that this document is in collaborative editing mode.

Step 4 – Disable collaborative editing in Orbit: When you have finished editing the file, turn off collaborative editing. OneDrive will send the latest version of the file back to Orbit. Now you can use the file in Orbit again and the users that normally have access to the file can once again edit it. Of course, the file will also be updated locally on your computer if you are online.

2# Track Files Containing Personal Data

If you are struggling with the process of handling files with personal data due to lack of overview of files containing sensitive content this update gives you the opportunity to track files as part of your assurance of GDPR-compliance.

Once you have found or created a file that contains personal information, it is easy to mark the file, write a comment and create a log. Now you can easily filter all files marked with personal information and add, or view notes. If the document is later cleared of personal information, you can easily disable the tracking again.

Here is a video that visualises the whole workflow


Even More Awesome New Features

The improvements do not stop here.

Orbit version 5.4. offers a wealth of other updates, which you are welcome to dive into right here. As always, we are of course on standby to assist you, should you have any questions getting started.

More features & enhancements

Profile & Reference

  • Enable comments in edit mode
  • New experimental reference overview


  • Add tabs to people planner and group planner
  • Add new area for internal and external relations. This takes the place of the previous collaboration partners and contact interfaces.
  • Add categories to project metadata tab
  • Move editors from links tab to metadata tab
  • Allow filtering on project probability in the project overview and to do view
  • Allow editing estimates in project overview and to do view
  • Double clicking on an email file displays a preview of the email directly in Orbit

Resource Management

  • Allow configuring working hours per day, instead of assuming constant monday to friday work week

Let’s spin you up on the new Orbit 5.4

Are you ready to release your data on an operational level - and thus optimise your workflows as well as ensure the quality of the execution of your projects?

Fill out the form, and we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an Orbit Demo.

Talk to you soon!

Are you already an Orbit user? In that case, you have probably already been updated to Orbit 5.4 or our team is in the process of planning that update.

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