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A new version of Orbit is live! Find all other release updates her.

We develop Orbit to make everyday workflows and data management simpler, so you can focus on other tasks.
This update contains a range of features and improvements – here are the three that we think will make the biggest impact for our users:

Inline filtering for diving into your data

It should be intuitive for you to go looking through your business data.
Inline filtering makes it easy to get the answers that you want from your data.
Watch how Orbit 6.0 makes data digging a lot simpler.

New resource overview and closer project relations

You might notice that the resource overview has been turned upside down.
We have made it possible for you to see and edit which projects, activities and tasks that are connected to your resources.
We’ve also linked them together, so now it’s possible for you to go straight to the project and edit its meta data.

Digitise your risk analysis model directly on the project template

Large projects are high risk, and errors can be expensive. That is why we’ve integrated a tool in Orbit that makes risk analysis visible and handling them operational.
It’s now possible for both project managers and management to create an overview of the risk status on projects or pull data for visuals in Power BI.

That’s not all though!

These are just our favourite features from the newest Orbit release. Orbit 6.0 also gives you the following improvements:


  • Most overviews have received a functional overhaul for better and more consistent filtering. Quick filters have been added, as well as filtering of columns using the table headers.

Bidding & Qualifications

  • Better reference overview
  • More PowerBi data point for for competencies, pipeline, etc.
  • New, automated notifications for CV & reference updates
  • Updated Orbit for Mobile with CV editing and competences access
  • Add area for personal and related files from Orbit Files

Planning & Execution

  • New design for the resource management module
  • Dependencies between project activities and tasks
  • New check list type to handle risk analysis
  • Add text search for project structure
  • In the relations pane, Orbit will now try to show a phone number, even if the desired phone number is not set.

We hope you’ll be as happy with the new and improved Orbit as we are.

Curious about Orbit 6.0?

Thousands of Orbit users are already experiencing the benefits of our latest Orbit release.

Do you want to see, how Orbit can benefit your company? Fill out the form and get a free live demo of Orbit.

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