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Standardise Your Processes & Scale Your Business

If you want to get the most out of your process management, it places demands on the tools you work with. Orbit is designed to efficiently send your business data into orbit so it can be used across the entire organisation. In this way, we break down the inefficient silos and we ensure a higher quality of execution.

The Best Tools For Process Management & Automation

At Orbit, we have developed a set of tools that ensure efficient use of business data that collects and ensures a natural workflow across the organisation. With these tools, you will have a solid foundation for scaling your business with standardised processes.

Project Planning
Resource Planning
File Sharing & Documentation
Time Tracker

Get the perfect overview with our intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. Here you can see all data from your processes across the entire organisation, so you avoid process-inhibiting silos.

Orbit SAP extension

You can retrieve data directly from your SAP platform. It makes your data operational, accessible and usable in your daily work with process management.

Project templates

You avoid unnecessary duplication of process management and achieve increased quality and stability by using standardised and streamlined processes.

Integrate with all ERP platforms

Integrate with your ERP platform and get the most out of your business data. This way, you also reduce the risk of costly errors in your processes.

learn about more features from orbit project planning

The combination of 10 years of development on a piece of software for complex process management and the constructive approach to development and collaboration with our users makes Orbit an attractive and efficient best-in-class solution.


Get Inspiration From Orbit Use Cases

In our use cases, you will find inspiration and concrete examples of how Orbit uses business data, sends it into orbit and creates value across the organisation.

Among other things, you can learn more about how Kamstrup, CASA and SKAN use Orbit's tools to ensure a strengthened, solid process management.

→ Kamstrup and CASA have cracked the code for the transfer from sale to execution.

Read about the process and how it has created value within the business.

→ Large pharmaceutical companies can forecast their production in 90 seconds.

Read about SKAN and their 90-second forecast strategy here.

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A Few Words About Orbit From Our Happy Users

"Orbit has helped us to a better solution than we could have imagined. Through ongoing advice and guidance from Orbit, we got a platform that suited us." - Mila Vester Stenbye

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