Visual data reporting made easy with Orbit for Power BI

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Power BI & Orbit For Better Data Visuals

Orbit gives you ready made data for higher quality Power BI output.

No formatting - no data work - just plug in and let Orbit and Power Bi do the rest.


❇️ Standard plugin

❇️Ready to go data

❇️Library of templates

❇️Data you can trust

Power BI

✔️Endless visualisation possibilities
✔️Connect data resources
✔️Share and collaborate on reports
✔️Bring your data to life

Looking for inspiration?

The possibilities are endless, when you are visualising your data in PowerBI. We've made a few dashboards of our own - have a look and find inspiration for your next Power BI dashboard.

Take Me There

4 Simple Steps To Visual Data Reporting

Get started visualising your business with Orbit data in a few, short steps

4 steps for Power BI

Shared focus with Orbit+Power BI

M&J Recycling design and manufacture waste material shredders. They are market leaders in the recycling industry and install their machines worldwide.

At M&J Recycling, Orbit and Power Bi enables everyone from project managers to stakeholders to get and share the same status information on progress and KPI's.

Easy data sharing - easy reporting

M&J Recycling faced issues with data collaboration and reporting across departments.

Orbit helps them maintain data in one place and make it accessible to the entire organisation.

The now always up to date and ready to go data easily translates into Power BI visualisations, giving them clear reports, common KPI's, and motivated employees.

'Visualise the data and make it available to the whole organisation, for example by transferring data to Power BI. In this way, you help both your team and the management to work focused on a common set of KPIs.' 

Brian Hulgreen | Manager Project Department at M&J Recycling

How To Get A Quick Start With Orbit for Power BI

Download - Insert URL - Choose datapoints - Wait

Ready for the next step?

Would you like to have clean, processed, and accurate data, ready for Power BI visuals and detailed reports?

Get in touch with us, book a live demo, and experience how easy data management can be.

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