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Create dashboards that draw attention

In the project department, you work with some of the most valuable data in your organisation. But it needs to be structured, updated and accessible. To make the most of your data, your organisation needs a tool that can visualise and share data safely and effortlessly.

The tool you need is Power BI.

Be inspired by our Power BI examples and start creating your own attention-grabbing dashboards.

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The presentation dashboard

Show off your worldwide active projects with a dashboard, that lets management follow your results and motivates the project team.

Optimum overview for documented authorisation procedures

Authorisation procedures can seem like an impossible task. The engineer's calculations and the architect's drawings must have documented authorisation, before production can begin - but how do you keep track of it?
In Orbit Project Planning, we've gathered a series of meta data and created an overview that ensures documented authorisation of the process.

Avoid delays because of supply chain shortage

Don’t be caught out by insufficient production check lists.
Use a status overview with BOM check lists and project start date to stay on top of things.
This dashboard compiles meta data into check lists in the Project Planning tool, gives you optimal overview of your supply chain and makes it possible for you to be proactive and avoid delayed production.

Sales data in the project department

Staying ahead of occupancy rate of your employees’ competencies can be a struggle.

So if you’re looking for a way to produce data based forecasts, why not look at the data from your sales team? It requires up-to-date data from the sales department, but an updated project pipeline is very valuable to your planning.
This dashboard collects data from Orbit Contact Management, which is the preferred CRM tool for several of our clients.

Visualise your business' key numbers

There are a multitude of ways to visualise your business' KPI's.

In this KPI dashboard, data from both sales, recording of hours and project data are compiled to make it possible to calculate and visualise a number of key figures.

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