Orbit for mobile

The ultimate assistance for flexibility in work situations that change daily.

Get great user experience and a workstation that is always close at hand – with Orbit, you work smarter and faster, on the run, at sales meetings, or on the construction site.

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Smart and flexible work – at hand

Put Orbit in your back pocket and bring it wherever you go. Find all the information you need and update your tasks while details are still top of mind.

Update CRM activities on the go

You don't need to be tied to your computer to update your sales activities. Update your leads in the field and boost your sales team with updated info about the market.

Project status and communication

Every piece of information you need to do the job at hand - in your hand.

Get an overview of the status on projects that you manage, and a todo list of your specific assigned tasks.

You can also write, read, or react to task comments, and access project documents such as guides or production details.


Documentation of your certificates

Gather all your certificates on your profile, and use the Orbit app to document competences, when you are on site.

With Orbit in your pocket, you will always be ready to document that you have the correct certification and skills for the job.

Time registration that matches your complexity


Use the app for simple time registration: choose the task you are working on and define the number of hours used.


Use the Orbit app to handle different types of time registration, registrations for specific materials, and specifications of overtime and breaks.

A helping hand when you need it

Orbit for mobile is your electronic knowledge base, that is always within reach.

You will have direct access to WIKI articles, regulations, manuals, and procedures, when it’s useful – on the job, handling machines, and answering questions.

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