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Bid management software

Digitise your bidding process to create a scalable business that will win more projects.

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Standardise and streamline your bidding process

Winning a project is a project in itself. However, with the right platform for handling your bidding process, you will experience minimal time waste and can spend your time on what adds true value to your proposal material.

Bidding template

Digitise your bidding process

By clearly defining your bidding process with a standardised approach, you will gain an overview of your company’s development and be guaranteed a high quality, uniform final product.

start process


Track the process

Secure the best overview of ongoing and future bidding projects and stay ahead of any challenges or complications.

win the project


Extend the project

Extend your bidding project into the production phase. Keep all your documentation and history from the bidding and sales process which will improve planning and execution.

handover to production

The tools you need for documentation

Outlook plugin

Archive receipts from the costumer that show they have received the bid on time, directly in your bidding project.


Create a standardised workflow for the approval of proposal materials – to be used by both internal and external business partners.


Implement a standardised check list in your bidding process to make sure all the demands from the proposal material are met.

A professional collaboration platform

Invite the consortium into your project to create a great foundation for a project-winning collaboration.

"Using Orbit has greatly reduced time spent on creating and maintaining sales documents such as CVs and project references, at the same time ensuring an unfailingly consistent layout quality. Greatly appreciated."

Birgit Bondo, PQ Coordinator at EKJ
Invite collaborators

CV & Reference management

Assets for your proposal

Bring your bidding projects with you on the go!

Update sales activities anywhere and keep a close eye on the development of proposals in progress.

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More time-saving features that will streamline your bidding process