Stay focused on developing business with Orbit

Don’t miss out on valuable market information. Stay close to the project execution and get assisted in your sales activities.

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Combine CRM and project management and get stronger business development

Spend less time pushing papers and more time driving sales.
Connect development and production with Orbit and experience how free flowing data gives you full project insight, better references, and stronger client relationships. When you have access to all active and previous projects, you have solid references for your clients.

Stay on top of your customer relationship management with all the essential tools and information in one place. Keep track of your tasks with pipeline overview and activity todo list.

Pipeline management

Focus on business with Orbit CRM

Reduce admin work and make more time for business development. With the help of a CRM, you will spend fewer hours buried in tedious tasks and be able to focus on building relations, creating more business, and reporting your results. Good for you and for the rest of the business.

Orbit CRM

Get instant activity update with an Outlook extension

Cut admin corners with the Outlook plugin

Update sales activities in the same window and save important files and e-mails directly in the sales activity for documentation.

Orbit for Outlook

Complete handover to the project department

Integrate your CRM closely with your project handling for a smooth process and satisfied clients.

As soon as the project team becomes involved with an active project and begins forecasting and planning, it is essential that you hand over every piece of information on the client and the sales process.

With a complete handover, the client will experience a natural transition from sales to production, and the project team will be able to deliver the the client the order details, they expect.

Handover to project

Management reporting with Power BI

Simplify reporting, sharing or plain bragging to stakeholders with Orbit’s plugin for Power BI.

Transfer your sales data from Orbit and visualise it, create cross data analysis, and share your results with your entire organisation.

CRM data in Power BI

Does your CRM tool connect sales with project management?

No? Then it's time to consider how to improve the communication between teams

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