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Scaling a startup

Orbit has streamlined Green Survey’s IT operations and provided them with a digital solution that is ready for scaling. The company has now got invaluable insight into how their business is going to develop in the future.





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Scaling a startup

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”Long story short, Orbit has become a crucial part of our daily work routines, and it’s a pleasure to finally be using a single platform, which includes all the features that we need to run our business successfully”.

Ingeborg Steffensen
Founder of Green Survey

Green Survey’s vision

Green Survey was founded in 2020 by Mette Svantemann and Ingeborg Steffensen. Their vision was to create a scientifically based, green conversion of the market, where proper documentation, transparency, and reliability are the driving forces.

Ever since they launched their business, their services have been in great demand, and the company has great potential to grow considerably in the future.

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The challenge

A new company typically runs sales, production, and internal collaborations by using several smaller – maybe even free – systems. It makes sense, because a lot of things are not routine yet, the KPIs may not yet be ultimately defined, and the concepts of the company might still be uncertain in some regards. Besides, there are probably only a limited number of employees, who merely manages their daily tasks in their own individual systems.

However, as a startup, you will face certain limitations once potential clients start reaching out to you if you continue to run your business using only ‘manual gears’. The limitations show themselves in:

  • How the company struggles to document processes and as a result spends excessive resources on training new employees
  • Employees experience wasting time having to update company data in multiple systems
  • A lack of insight into how business is going – are we still going to be around tomorrow?

To avoid all this, Green Survey searched for a single platform to organise their workflows and provide them with a useful overview of future business opportunities. They wanted to be ready for scaling once their business started to take off.

The solution

The most important thing for Green Survey is to nurture their client base as well as create new contacts which can turn into new business. So naturally, the first step was to have Orbit CRM implemented, to systematise the company’s current contacts, but also to effectively reach out to prospective clients.

Green Survey also chose to implement Orbit’s sales pipeline management, which continuously provides an important insight into the weighted pipeline thus indicating any future demands for recruitment.

Last but not least, Green Survey needed to standardise and conceptualise their services, which is why they successfully designed a project template using Orbit’s project management solution.

The results

Green Survey is now in possession of the right tools to make business decisions based on well-digitalised data. Ultimately this will allow them to stay ahead of any changes in their respective field instead of dropping the ball from time to time.

Immediate benefits of the digitalisation:

  • They know ‘market demand’ and can hire people with the appropriate skillset based on tomorrow’s needs instead of yesterday’s
  • Wasting valuable time is a thing of the past – identifying and eliminating time-consuming tasks has even become a competition between employees
  • A uniform approach to executing their products makes it a lot easier to train new employees as the business is scaling

It can be a nerve-racking experience to be in the process of scaling a business, but finding the right platform for organizing and structuring processes from the beginning can help bring the company some certainty about the business’ future.

There is no reason to delay

There is no doubt about Green Survey’s advice for other startup businesses when it comes to the implementation of a digital solution for all their data.

“Orbit has been a gamechanger for Green Survey’s workflows”, Ingeborg Steffensen emphasises and looks back, “In retrospect there is no doubt that we should have digitalised our processes a lot sooner – that way many unnecessary resources would not have been spent.”

In the process of scaling a startup business, there comes a time where the level of structure and a clear overview of data and processes will determine the future of the company. As Green Survey discloses, they used to spend a lot of resources on coordination and internal communication – but with Orbit’s solution, they can now spend all their resources on scaling their business instead.


Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about the Orbit solution or how our standardised platform can help your business too, don’t hold yourselves back.

Anders Dyrholm

Anders Dyrholm

Client Development Manager
Orbit Online A/S