Features & Functions

CV & reference management

Employee profiles and references based on dynamic data processing.

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Increase the value of your proposal material

Streamline and standardise your proposal material annex . Through automated processes, Orbit collects core data from project activities and converts it into a library of CVs & references for you to explore, export, and add to your proposal material.

Project Metadata

Convert and create

Create references and update CVs based on a standardised form by adding the relevant information, prices, and services and uploading photos and logos.

project data

Search Library

Find the assets you need

Use filtering or free text to find the references and CVs to document the experience, that you are putting at the forefront of your proposal material.

search library


Export to pre-defined templates

Create professional CVs, references, and cases based on your information with Orbit’s advanced export. The transformation happens through the use of pre-defined templates with a custom design that matches your organisation. And the files are just as easy to export – both to .docx, .pptx and .xlsx formats.


Testimonials from Orbit CV and Reference management users

    • "Orbit has been instrumental in helping us to upgrade and align our CVs. Today, there is a direct connection between our references and the CVs of our employees, which is very helpful in our daily work."

      Line Spangsmark
      Architect and PQ manager at Erik Arkitekter
    • "For us, Orbit is an indispensable database that helps us keep track of references and competencies across our various locations in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Orbit provides a clear and user-friendly system where all our employees directly contribute and continually enhance the quality of our data."

      Kathrine Hegner Stærmose
      Partner, Arkitekt MAA at AART Architects
    • ”Orbit is a brilliant tool for connecting references and CVs. In the bidding department, we can quickly obtain relevant CVs and references by searching the different competences and field categories”

      Svend Émile Tybjerg
      Head of Bids, WSP Denmark

Manage content variations

You often need variations of your annex, so they match the message in your sales material. Avoid ending up with an endless amount of documents that are bothersome to update and keep track of by using Orbit's content variations.

Use variations to enhance certain fields, deliveries, and competencies, or angle material toward specific strategic focus areas, such as sustainability and climate, delivery speed, errors, etc.

You can also reuse data across material because not every piece of information on a CV or reference should vary.


Stay GDPR compliant

Main cleaning

With your data points connected, you only have to delete your profile in one place. Orbit then cleans up your systems, so you don't accidentally keep sensitive personal data that should have been erased.

Automated cleaning

Set up workflows to erase profile information after a specific time interval, e.g. six months after an employee has been deleted in your HR system.

Ensure updated and high quality data

Orbit Reference offers a notification system that makes it possible to send emails to project managers and QA administrators that can help you gather data.

The notifications can contribute to ensuring high quality CVs and references and counteract inconsistencies. It informs key staff members responsible for references of which colleagues in the organisation are making changes to references they have created. Orbit Reference lets you design custom workflows to support whatever needs the company has optimally.


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