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The intention behind Orbit Community is to create a forum for professionals to exchange knowledge and ideas

The Orbit network and events used to be exclusively for Orbit users and would primarily address new features in Orbit and how to use them. However, after experiencing an increase in demand for more networking and sparring opportunities within the field, we decided to try something new.

With Orbit Community, we have opened our doors to everyone with ties to project management. Future events will be shaped by the participants' needs and wishes, as well as experts who will come and share their knowledge on a wide array of the latest and most interesting topics in our field – and most importantly, there will be plenty of opportunities to network and spar with other professionals.

It is our belief that when more people meet, a wider range of useful knowledge can be accumulated and shared – which will benefit us all. We hope that by creating a community that focuses on dedicated professionals inspiring each other by sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas, we will all end up better equipped to grow our businesses in a digitalised future.

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