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The CRM software that will free up your time and let you focus on sales

Reinforce company collaboration and transparency – both internally and externally.

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Let a CRM software help you to stay focused on your pipeline

A complete overview of the sales pipeline is essential for the cooperation within your sales team to work optimally.

You need to be able to identify potential clients and the chances of closing a deal in order to assess when it is realistic to take on new clients.

With Orbit’s CRM software, you can make this data much more accessible, so forecasting of budgets and labour needs can begin already during sales.

Pipeline Management

Simplify updating your pipeline

A constant overview of your sales activities and simple editing of data makes it easier for you to maintain updated pipeline data.

pipeline management


Win business with joint effort

Avoid obstructing each other by contacting the same leads or asking the same questions to identify client needs. Shared knowledge makes you stronger and a joint platform will reinforce your going-to-market strategy.


Sales Activities

Convert your leads into clients

Stay proactive when you complete daily tasks and convert leads into new clients, projects and business partners using an efficient and rewarding flow.

reports for management

Bring your CRM software with you anywhere!

With the CRM app your software stays with you wherever you go and lets you have access to the same functions and data as if you were still at the office.

Update activities

Update and plan your next moves immediately and never miss following up on a lead.

Always have your contacts ready at hand

Easily synchronise contact information from your CRM with the contact list in your phone.

Receive directions

Activate your GPS through Orbit and receive directions in Maps straight from the meeting material.

Dictations handsfree

Dictate any meeting reports or summaries directly in Orbit – while driving, commuting or cooking dinner.

Orbit CRM for your Outlook app

Update your sales activities and contact information, archive emails, and attach files without the administration hassle - complete all the work in Outlook, where your data already exists.

Orbit for outlook

Power BI plugin

Improve sales reports - and stop wasting time

Save time on briefing the management by sharing and visualising sales results, KPIs and company progress in personalised dashboards.

Below you can see how easy it is to send Orbit CRM data in the Power BI.

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