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The project planning software for efficient management & execution

Streamline your project planning for both management and participants with Orbit's combination of functionality and usability.

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Use Orbit project planning software to forecast your business

Digitise your project and resource data and gain real-time insight into your project portfolio.

Explore the Orbit project planning software that handle your data and create future business transparency throughout the entire organisation.

Sales Activity

Develop your business

Make sure that details of your delivery are included as part of the planning and execution of your project.

Provide sales and project managers with an automated tool that streamlines transfer by releasing data from sales activities.

business development


Standardise your data

Use project templates to create standardised projects. Set up the tasks once and they will auto-generate, save you double work, and heighten both quality and stability with streamlined processes.

Project template

Resource Capacity

Plan the startdate

Use the Gantt overview to monitor capacity. Orbit pulls data from resource management, so you know when you have the resources to begin the project.

plan startdate

Efficient quality assurance with deliverables

If contracts, minutes, or other reports need to be documented in connection with a project, deliverables will be the perfect feature for you.

If your company is ISO certified, it is a requirement to have a strict documentation strategy. With project deliverables, you can define that a task or activity can not be marked as completed before a specific document is uploaded or updated and accepted by a designated employee.

With this workflow, you can easily document the running quality assessment of your projects - both in terms of requesting and retaining your ISO certification and to your clients.


Inline editing – directly in your to-do lists

Enjoy some of the best features from the spreadsheet in Orbit.

Inline editing streamlines task management, makes the procedure less time-consuming, and is a huge advantage if you need to edit many tasks at once.

inline editing

Use sales data in your project planning software

By releasing data from sales activities, you provide sales and project managers with an automated tool that streamlines the transfer and enhances the quality of project delivery. This is how you make sure that details regarding the delivery and other special agreements are successfully transferred and included as part of the planning and execution of the project.

CRM project data

Utilise your existing data

Make the most of your business data and minimise the risk of mistakes. Integrations for Orbit align your projects' updated data with your platform, so everyone in your organisation has access to updated data.

power bi

Plug into Orbit for straightforward file sharing

Make file sharing in and outside your organisation simpler with Orbit's project planning software.

The user-friendly file handling lets you archive mails directly in Outlook, share files in OneDrive, and use the file explorer for local document handling.


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