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All the data and every tool you need to use your resources in the most efficient way - in one place.

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Compile your data in one project mangement software for enigeering

Get a constant and up-to-date overview of your pipeline, project progress, and resource allocation.

Find every tool you need, to work with data based process optimisation, in Orbit.

Project Planning

Plan your projects efficiently

Work with operational data for optimal overview, and implement efficient workflows with automated processes that benefit the entire organisation.

Process template

Resource allocation

Keep tabs on your resources to boost invoicing

Avoid wasting available resources or overbooking competencies. Get the overview you need to plan projects that deliver on time, use your resources perfectly, and bill more hours.

Resource allocation


Smooth approval process

Put complex calculations and approval procedures from collaborators into context in the project phase, and make it simpler to document errors or record your ISO certification procedure.


Win new projects with a more fluent bidding process

Optimise your proposal material production

When converting completed or ongoing projects into references, profiles of project participants will be updated with the metadata from the project.

Export proposal material assets to design template

Use pre-defined templates with custom designs to search, gather, and export CVs and references. Your on-brand templates translate easily to .docx, .pptx and .xlsx formats.

Streamline your sales process

Don't miss out on vital information from the sales process. Orbit links CRM, project management, and resource planning, so you can forecast future projects with every relevant piece of information.

GDPR compliance

Use automated processes and avoid storing outdated and sensitive personal data on your collaborators or employees.

This is how Artelia Denmark manage their CV & references

They have build a complete library, where everybody can always explore, export, and add to the relevant proposal material.

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Integration with Other IT Solutions

Integrate Orbit with a range of IT solutions. The open API is based on a tested and reliable technology that is continuously developed and can be scaled to fit your needs.

In this way, both the future of your business and the Orbit platform is secure.

app integration

The right project management software for engineering

Hold your pipeline in check and keep constant overview of project progress and resource allocation. The Orbit tool stack makes it possible for you to optimise processes on a foundation of up-to-date data.

This is how it works.

Resource management

Forecast your execution capacity and book the right competencies for the job.

Project management

Get precise and efficient project planning for the entire organisation with functional Orbit features.

CRM software

Know your potential clients, the chances of closing the deal, and not least, be able to assess when it is realistic to get a new client.

Bid management

Digitise and standardise your bidding process to create a scalable business that will win more projects.

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