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Create winning proposal material with less hassle

Tight deadlines are an everyday occurrence in the bid department. But alas, so is missing information on CVs and projects and the struggle to gain an overview of your library.

With Orbit Bidding & Qualification, you can produce better tender material: the material you need is no longer lost in an endless amount of folders, you can streamline the look and content of every bid, and everyone can collaborate on enriching data and updating information.

Let profile and reference enrichment become part of your workflow. Convert your finished projects to references, update profiles with certificates and experience, and use workflows to get everyone involved in collecting data.

collect data


Use profiles to collect an employee’s past activities in one place and promote the competences that will make your bid the winning one.

Orbit Profiles collects data through integrations with e.g., your project data system and your ERP.

'I just have to say - how cool is the new CV system? You need a few words about a given employee, look it up in a flash, and move on in your work - freaking awesome.'

Trine Thysgaard, Development Manager at NCC

Reference Management

Free up time by leaving continuous tasks in the hands of Orbit automation. Create references automatically with data from your projects, and get more time for making streamlined proposal material that will get noticed and win bids.


Microsoft 365 x Orbit

With the Microsoft 365 plugin, Orbit will quickly become a significant part of your current workflow. Collaborate on documents in Word, delegate tasks through Outlook, and update Orbit data through the tool, you already use every day.

Orbit for Microsoft
Orbit for Microsoft
Orbit for Microsoft
Orbit for microsoft

Send out better bids with CRM in the bidding department

Know your weighted pipeline

Show management how valuable you are with clear communication about your weighted pipeline.

Stronger connection with sales for more wins

Gain vital information from sales development about leads and the sales process, and use it to create targeted and winning proposal material.

Share your notes with the group

With a centralised sales process, every department from sales to project management has access to information on every crossed t and dotted i. Result: A solid foundation for planning and carrying out projects.

Optimise with Orbit CRM

Minimise admin tasks and maximise efficiency with a CRM solution that integrates with your bid management solution.

'Orbit has helped us to a better solution than we could have imagined. Through ongoing advice and guidance from Orbit, we got a platform that suited us.'

Mila Stenbye Vester, Digital Business Development Manager at NCC
Orbit CRM

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