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The resource planning software for efficient booking of teams

Gather all your necessary data in one functional and clear solution.

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Gantt: Clear visualisation of your booked resources

Getting an overview of your booked resources can be spreadsheet acrobatics, which causes administrative headache and no reassurance that your data is correct and up-to-date.

With Orbit's Resource Planning software, you save both time and labour, as the tool always gives you an updated and clear visualisation of your resources.

That way, you always have a well-informed basis for assessing whether there is a profit in investing in new projects, or what consequences previously exceeded deadlines will have for your available resources in the future.


Clear visual of your resources

Gain a complete overview of the occupancy rate across professional groups. Filter on departments, competencies, or the structure of the organisation.

Resource capacity

Assigned Task

Direct link to assigned task

Project management references give you a short cut to restructuring and booked resources that are e.g. overbooked.

assigned task


Create your own view

Create and save your own Gantt dashboard. Resource management uses master data from employees to filter, so you can create filters with the exact data that your need.

personal filters

The resource planning software to avoid overbooked teams or competencies

Overbooked employees or lack of competencies in a project can have serious consequences for the company – both financially and operationally.

Priorities can change after a project has been jump-started, and you will often have to re-assign project participants.

Orbit Resource Planning software makes it possible for you to reorder your resource priorities directly in your to-do list while maintaining an overview of whether or not the new assignee is available for the task.

Use Orbit Resource Planning to keep track of available capacity for delegated tasks as soon as you begin planning the project.

overbooked resources

Orbit has helped us to a better solution than we could have imagined. Through ongoing advice and guidance from Orbit, we got a platform that suited us.

Mila Stenbye Vester
Digital Business Development Manager, NCC

Auto-assign: forecast projects fast & accurately

In a sales situation, it can be crucial to be able to give a realistic answer to when a project can be initiated.

The Orbit auto-assign feature uses your defined project template to know which competency group is used to execute the job.

Afterwards, you can use our simple “drag-and-drop” board, in the project module, which makes it easy to obtain an overview of when you realistically have the necessary resources available to kickstart the next extensive project.


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