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Project management software for construction

Streamline all your processes – ranging from proposal preparation to finished construction.

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The benefits of implementing a project management software that fits your industry

Suppose you are looking for a solution that streamlines your workflow and transforms your entire organisation to a standardised and scalable process – ranging from distributing bidding material to planning projects and execution on building sites. In that case, Orbit is the obvious solution for you.

Pre-Qualification & Proposal Materials

Create winning bids

Standardise and streamline your proposal process, enhance your workflow, and raise efficiency in everyone's daily work. Use data from clients and employees on an operational level with Orbit integrations and high-end tools.

construction BDM

Resource Planning

Book the right people for the job

Auto-assign the correct and available competencies to execute the task, and avoid overbooked employees and delayed projects.

Construction resource planning

Project Management

Execute your building project

Follow development on all projects with an extensive Gantt overview and stay on top of important milestones and quality assurance.

execute the project

Stronger collaboration with the construction site through the Orbit app

Project status

Bring your projects with you to the building site and have a constant overview of important deadlines, and available resources.


Use your phone to document the construction and upload your picture directly into the project folder.


Documentation of valid certificates is important on the building site. Lack of documentation can lead to massive fines.

Contact management

Find the contact information you need, even when on-site. Solve issues on the spot, such as contacting the scaffolding company. All the info you need is right at hand.

Compliance & Documentation

If your company is ISO certified, a strict documentation strategy is required.

Documentation processes in Orbit are adjusted to the format and material that needs documentation.

Emails are archived directly onto the project in Outlook, mobile pictures from the building site can be saved through the Orbit app, and project templates let you create standard documents for collaborators to approve.

The right features will help the documentation process get done. And they will ease the process of pulling material for applications or renewals of ISO certificates.


The IT-solution to support your scaling strategy

Nordstern restructured their processes for sales and delivery and laid the groundwork for better data flow and scalability.

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Already using Orbit to maximise their productivity

    • "I have been using Orbit in my work for about 8 months and I am very pleased with it. I use it almost every time I need to create a CV or a reference. Orbit helps make that process much faster and easier."

      Pernille Adriane Christensen
      Bid manager at Wicotec Kirkebjerg
    • "Orbit has helped us to a better solution than we could have imagined. Through ongoing advice and guidance from Orbit, we got a platform that suited us."

      Mila Stenbye Vester
      Business Developer at NCC
    • "The Orbit system provides us with a seamless way of successfully managing our CVs and project references, especially owing to the system’s intuitive interface. What’s more, Orbit allows us to keep track of our employees’ qualifications such as education and training certificates, ready for documentation whenever this is needed for administrative, tender or audit purposes. Excellent collaboration with Orbit while troubleshooting and developing new features ensures a flexible and future-proof system."

      Charlotte Andreasen
      System admin at Aarsleff

Project Management tool stack for the construction industry

Streamlining your processes and creating better overview of your project portfolio

CV & reference management

The reference & CV solution streamlines your tender library and leaves time for you to add value to the sales material and guarantee agreement between content and reality.

Skills & certifications

Ensures that employees CV's are up-to-date on experience, certifications, languages, and other competencies that may influence their work.

Resource management

Form an overview of your resource availability with specific competencies or experience. That way, you can effectively avoid erroneous bookings and reduce unpleasant surprises.

Project management

Be certain that you always have a clear overview of your projects' progress and that no deadlines or milestones will be exceeded without taking action.

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