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The stakeholder engagement solution for smooth project execution

Strengthen collaborations and transparency – both internally and externally.

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Stakeholder engagement that benefits the entire organisation

With an Orbit stakeholder engagement solution, you get a tool that strengthens the relation and cooperation with both internal and external partners. It also ensures maximum transparency by giving them a direct insight into your execution process.


Stakeholder history at hand

Track every interaction and the individual stakeholder's customer journey on a company profile with e-mail history, former projects, and shared documents in one place.



Optimised handover to production

Make your sales activity data accessible to the entire organisation and give them valuable data to streamline planning and production to level up your service delivery.

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Business Development

Track every move in the sales phase

Full overview of your sales pipeline creates optimal cooperation within your sales team. Knowledge of your potential clients increases the chances of closing the deal and assessing when it is realistic to get a new client. Orbit’s CRM software makes this data more accessible, so forecasting budgets and labour needs can begin during the sales work.

contact management

Power BI project management dashboards

Share automated and up-to-date sales data with project management.

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Handle Orbit access for external partners

The stakeholder engagement software gives you plenty of opportunities to involve external partners in your projects. Invite them to follow along directly in Orbit, while you are in full control of which files, newsfeeds, and projects they are able to access.

This way, you ensure maximum transparency in the production and strengthen your external partnerships.

invite partners

Automate your communication

Your external partners often need to approve a series of documents when planning and executing a project. At Orbit, we call these deliverables. A deliverable can e.g. be a requirements specification, meeting notes, or other project details that require approval from specific stakeholders.

Once you have organised your stakeholders in your stakeholder engagement system and invited them to your Orbit solution, you can enable a series of notifications related to these deliverables. The stakeholders will automatically receive a notification when there is a document that requires their approval.

This way, you will reduce the risk of overlooked approvals and address bottlenecks before they delay your project. Furthermore, you will be equipped with an effective tool for ongoing documentation.


Let Orbit upgrade your Outlook app

Integrate Orbit with your Outlook app and get access to all the stakeholders and your project files, so you can attach files and archive important e-mails and documentation received in your mail box.

orbit for outlook

Update your client info

Enrich your client profiles with contact information everywhere at once. Update contact information in one place and watch it synchronise with your Outlook app, your mobile, and every affiliated project.

Sharing client details will be smooth and the subsequent delivery will be frictionless.

update contact info

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