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If you plan your projects in Orbit, one of the great advantages you’ll have is the ability to digitise project metadata. Key figures will automatically be communicated to the right departments – in structured, updated and easily accessible Power BI dashboards. Tedious spreadsheet documentation will be a thing of the past and employee motivation will be boosted.

When producing giant machines, they take up a lot of space in a shipping hall. Through a single piece of metadata and an integration to Power BI dashboards, it’s possible to report expected shipment dates on the individual productions to the shipping hall. Based on that data, the shipping hall can plan several months into the future which resources they will need and when.

Capacity in the shipping hall

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We've created some dashboards of our own - take a look and find inspiration for your next Power BI dashboard for project management.

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Project management Power BI templates will bring your Orbit data to life for the entire organisation.

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4 simple steps to visual data reporting

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"Orbit and Power BI together are enabling companies and stakeholders to receive valuable status information on progress and KPIs on each of their projects."

René Dalsgaard
CEO at Orbit Online

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