Manufacturing project management software

Project management software for manufacturing

Organise your business data and make it available on an operational level with a user-friendly end-to-end project management platform.

End-to-end project management software for manufacturing

Suppose you are looking for a solution that streamlines your workflow and transforms your entire organisation to a standardised and scalable process for developing, planning, and production – ranging from sales, and planning to execution and reporting to management and back to BDM. In that case, Orbit is the obvious solution for you.

Business Development Management

Handling new orders

A natural data flow gives your clients the experience of a smooth execution of your production. Activate your project template when a lead reaches a defined state and use historical sales data to forecast your project portfolio and planning.

BDM department

Resource Forecast

Know your delivery date

Get the absolute overview of available resources, when everyone uses the same tool for resource management. Make realistic forecasts of your product delivery date, and let your project participants know their execution plan, inform management of the market demand, and keep your clients up-to-date on their investments.

Forecast resources

Project Execution

Focus on building relations

Don't spend too much time on administrative hiccups, but spend your precious time building relations with project participants, suppliers, and your clients.

With a project management system that is adjusted to your natural workflow, you will free up resources to handle the tasks that create relations and ultimately a stronger market position.

Project execution

Share project data to break down silos


Give management the data point they need, when they need them. A joint project tool makes it possible for management to make decisions and report

Data loop to BDM

Provide the project department with valuable project planning and execution information from business development. And give business development access to the status of active and completed projects, so they can use them as references in connection with sale and re-sale.

Invoicing workflows

Get the right tools and dataset to create a process that ensures an overview of the company’s outstanding balance, contributing to a better cash flow.

Shipping hall

Help the shipment hall plan their resources and prioritise space with project management data and a data sharing tool.

That way, they know which projects will be ready for which month. Based on this data, the department can plan several months ahead, and know which resources they will need, and when.

Combine CRM with your project management software for manufacturing

You probably already know that the transfer from sales to project execution is a sensitive exercise.

When using Orbit project management software for manufacturing, all this information is shared between the sales and project departments automaticaly.

Orbit Power BI plugin

The tool when you want to share data with the entire organisation

Integrate with your preferred ERP solution

Implement a two-way integration with your ERP to make sure that the platform users and the long-term data storage stay intact and up-to-date.

SAP integration
SAML integration
IFS integration
maconomy integration
Visma integration
Microsoft integration

Project management software for manufacturing tool stack

Every tool you need for manufacturing

Project management tool

This project tool contains functional features that each contribute to streamlining your work. Start optimising your project planning here.

Resource management tool

With this resource management tool, you can gather all your necessary data in one functional and clear tool. Match people to the right projects here.

Stakeholder engagement

With an Orbit stakeholder engagement solution, you get a tool you can use to strengthen the relation and cooperation with both internal and external partners.

Compliance management

implement compliance processes continuously in your project model and collect data for your ESG, ISO and LCA rapports - and many others.

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