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Say goodbye to double effort

Project managers are often spread thin, juggling multiple platforms, keeping tabs on many parts of the business,

while also nurturing relations throughout the organisation.

Stop doing double work, avoid report errors, and gain project and resource overview with Orbit’s end-to-end management solution.

Project management requires the ability to predict the future. Orbit is your crystal ball.

Stay on top of project priorities, resource capacity, and new hires for upcoming work, and minimize time waste and errors.

Project forecast

Don’t let documentation slow you down. Digitise your project model and experience better and more efficient teamwork across departments.

You will simplify following procedures and help ensure the quality of your product.

"The two factors that were most critical in the end were the more modern design style combined with great features already fitting most of our needs."

Raphael Fischer, Application Engineer at SKAN AG
Project planning & Management

Supplier relationship management steps to ease your ESG reporting

Ready to implement and invaluable to your entire business

Benefit from many features

Revitalise your resource management with the Orbit Resource Management Tool.

Autoassign projects, get GANNT overview and book the right competences for your next project.

"Data silos and outdated data are often obstacles to maintaining resource overview within the company"

René, CEO at Orbit Online
Resource planning features

Orbit Integrations

Gather all your tasks in one place. With integrations for Outlook, PowerBI, and ERP platforms, you can do your planning, reporting, data enrichment, and documentation in Orbit.

Don't let your data grow stale in your inbox and spreadsheets, when you can use it proactively for planning and documentation in Orbit.

Microsoft 365
Power bi

Compliance & Deliverables

Strengthen your documentation process and risk assessment and avoid negative consequences for your execution.

With Orbit, you can invite external partners to approve as you go and handle your internal deliverables in a structured way. Everyone will know who’s currently responsible, and documenting your actions is simpler.


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