project management software for architects

Project Management Software For Architects

The tool box that lets you structure the business development process and streamline your bid management.

The project management tool that benefits the entire organisation

Make your business more efficient with an end-to-end project management tool that streamlines your workflow – from new project bids to architectural competition entries and deliveries.

Business Development

Connect project and sales

Integrate a CRM in your project management tool, and use project data actively in your sales process.

Gain a strategic advantage in your sales work, when you gain insight into and use references from active and finished projects.


Resource Capacity

Forecast Your Next Project

Connect project management with your resource planning tools and forecast future projects effortlessly, saving you time and resources.


Project Planning

Templates for scalability

Plan even the most complex projects efficiently with standardised templates and data access to previous sales.

project templates

Win more projects with the Orbit CV & Reference solution

Convert projects to RFP material

Profiles and references are updated and easily transferred to the next tender documentation through key data collection and automatic workflows.

Get organised

Let Orbit structure your CV and reference database and gain the optimal overview of your material.

Advanced filtering

Targeted search gives you the exact material you need for the tender, you are working on. Save time searching and minimise the risk of human errors that can happen, when you have to dig through the massive amount of references in your RFP.

Export to your brand template

Get noticed with professional-looking tender material with a coherent design and master data that is aligned. Export references and CVs for your material and use them in a responsive template that matches your design manual.

Visualise your business with Power BI

Integrate Power BI with Orbit and get ready-to-go data for your dashboard reports

End-to-end architecture project management solutions

All the features you need to drive your scalable architecture projects

CV & Reference Management

Create targeted and relevant materials for your proposal process in a hassle-free and efficient way.

CRM Software

Prepare your business development managers with enriched client data, so they can work goal-oriented, increase sales, and strengthen client relations.

Resource Planning

Stay ahead of urgent tasks, have a clear overview of your resources, and make sure that no teams or employees are overloaded. Orbit helps you manage your resources, while staying on top of development in the market.

Project Planning

Clear overview of your project progress and avoid exceeding deadlines or milestones without taking action.

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