project management software for architects

Project management software for architects

The tool box that lets you structure the business development process and streamline your bid management.

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The architect project management software that will benefit your entire organisation

Make your business processes much more efficient with an end-to-end project management software for architects that streamlines your workflow – from the first project bid to architectural competition entries and deliveries.

Business Development

Connect project and sales

Integrate a CRM in your project management tool and use project data actively in your sales process. When you gain insight into and use references from active and finished projects, your sales work will have a clear strategic advantage.


Bidding Department

Win more projects

Get a better overview of ongoing bids by integrating your bidding process into your organisation's project model. With a standardised approach to offer production, you'll never miss a detail in the tender or a deadline again.


Project Management

Scalable planning & execution

Plan even the most complex projects efficiently by connecting project management with your resource planning and sales data to forecast and plan projects, saving you any expensive surprises during the project execution.

project templates

No project management software for architects without a CV & reference solution to boost you bidding strategy

Through automatised processes, Orbit collects core data from project activities and converts it into a library of CVs & references for you to explore, export, and add to your proposal material.

"With Orbit's CV and reference solution, we save time every day by not having to consistently check the graphic layout and content of our CVs and references. When we make corrections in one place, they are corrected everywhere. It is an incredible help and ensures that the material we send out is of the highest quality."

Marlene Mørup Damgaard-Sørensen, Cebra Architecture
CV & References

Integrated skills & certifications management for architects

In the Orbit project management software for architects, you get an advanced skill management feature that makes it possible to handle all your employees’ skills and certifications in one platform.

It will ensure that CVs, certifications, qualifications, relevant education, and other competencies that will affect the work process are up-to-date and ready-to-go.

Enabling this feature will also boost your resource management by providing them with better data to ensure that the right people are booked for the right jobs.

Visualise your business with Power BI

Integrate Power BI with Orbit and get ready-to-go data for your dashboard reports

End-to-end project management software for architects

All the features you need to scale your architecture projects

CV & Reference Management

Create targeted and relevant materials for your proposal process in a hassle-free and efficient way.

CRM Software

Prepare your business development managers with enriched client data, so they can be more goal-oriented, increase sales, and strengthen client relations.

Resource Planning

Stay ahead of urgent tasks with a clear overview of your resources and make sure that no teams or employees are overloaded. Orbit helps you to manage your resources, while staying on top of market development.

Project Planning

Gain a clear overview of your project progress and avoid exceeding deadlines or milestones without taking action.

Certifications & Skills

Stay up-to-date on CVs, certifications, qualifications, relevant education, and other competencies that will affect the work process.

Bid Management

Digitise your bidding process to create a scalable business that will win more projects.

Let's chat about the perfect project management software for architects

You can get more information - and an Orbit tour - from our Customer Development Manager, Anders, who knows more than most about the architecture business.

You are more than welcome to contact him directly or use the contact form, and we will get back to you.

Anders Dyrholm

Anders Dyrholm

Client Development Manager
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