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Orbit Project Plan Template

Start defining your processes and get rid of process-inhibiting silos in your business with a project plan.

5 min read · Posted June 16, 2021

Get The Orbit Project Plan Template For Free

At Orbit, we have created a template that you can use to get started, move on or find inspiration. We always rejoice in the mission to unite the organisation. Therefore, we work purposefully to break down gaps between departments and to ensure that data produced in one department also provides value in the other departments or work centres. In our free project template, you will therefore find that the project execution starts before the order is landed. This ensures that sales activities, agreements entered into, and all other information about the customer are part of the project's data - and therefore also a natural part of the fragile transfer from sale to execution.

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Why Use A Project Plan Template?

When you want to define and structure the tasks and phases that are part of the execution of your projects, a project template is the perfect tool. With a project template, you can implement a standardised approach to project execution in your organisation.

It is effective and valuable. Not just for everyone involved in the projects but also for the management and your partners.

For this purpose, Excel is a great tool because it is super intuitive to work in. But most importantly, it is easy to import the structured and defined project processes into a digital platform, which can send your collaboration and data into orbit around the entire organisation. Smart!

Read about how the merger between sales and PM has provided value in large companies such as CASA, Kamstrup and DIS.

How To Use The Project Plan Template

Our intention with the project template is to create a tool that you can easily get started with - right away. Therefore, our template contains a number of automated formulas and Excel magic, so you can avoid manual labour.

Read below to learn more about the content and smart features of our project plan template.

The template includes states, type and assignees columns, which you can change in the field via a drop-down menu. If you want to customise them, you can do so in the Excel sheet’s other tabs.

→ Type: We recommend that you leave this tab unchanged because several of the calculations in the sheet are defined according to these exact definitions: Phase, activity and task.

→ Assignees: Here, you can correct and add the roles you delegate tasks to in your organisation.

→ States: If you use other descriptions or have several defined statuses in your organisation, you can add or correct them in this tab.

This is how you customise the project template to your specific organisation and your internal processes and tasks.

Project Plan Template

Features In The Project Template

There are a number of exciting features in the template that create structure and value across your departments. When you define projects and tasks, the template makes different calculations - both in relation to deadlines and profit.

  • Define status at project, phase and task level; open, closed, on hold.
  • Define the type; project, phase or task. When you define the type, it affects the calculation of working hours and finances at both project, phase or task level.
  • Define the title of project, phase and task.
  • Attach relevant descriptions.
  • You get an automatic calculation of the earliest start date and latest deadline on your projects and phases.
  • You get an automatic calculation of working days - assessed on the basis of the defined start and end date.
  • The estimation calculator automatically summarises at the phase level.
  • Enter your income and expenses - the template automatically calculates the profit at phase and project level.

Getting started is easy. Break down silos between departments while achieving increased structure when sharing data across the entire organisation.

Get your hands on the project template right here!

Should any challenges or questions arise in connection with the use of the template, you are, of course, always welcome to contact us.

Digitise Your Project Template

Once you have defined and structured your project phases and tasks, we encourage you to standardise your execution strategy. And this is exactly where you will need to digitise the project templates that you made in Excel.

With a digitised project template, you achieve a solid database which:

✔allows you to make strong managerial and strategic decisions

✔ ensures a better working environment for those involved in the projects

✔ enables you to run an efficient and transparent organisation

Curious For More Information?

Do you have questions about our project plan template, about the digitisation of your project template or something completely different? Then you are more than welcome to contact us and learn more.

We would love to help you get started!

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