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Core Benefits Of The Orbit Skills & Competence Management Tool

In larger companies with many employees, it can be hard to figure out who has the right competencies to do a specific task or project. Orbit has an advanced skill management system that makes it possible to handle all your employees’ competencies in one platform. It ensures that their CVs are up-to-date on experience, certifications, languages, and other competencies that may influence their work. Practical, easy, and fast.

Available Competencies – On An Operational Level

Effective resource management and planning is crucial for your project planning. It allows you to put together the right team that reflects the right mix of competencies. First off, it requires that you have access to data on your employees’ competencies. Orbit’s skill management tool can contribute to this by making data easily accessible and operational. It becomes easier to design targeted offers and put together the perfect team to take on the project.

Notifications And Workflows – Keep Your Data Updated

Data can easily get mislaid, and it can be hard to remember updating each employee’s competencies. With Orbit’s skill management system, you get the possibility of enriching data easy. For instance, you can create smart notifications for specific certifications to remind employees and the HR-department when it is time for an update. Through standardisation and automatisation of well-defined workflows, the execution of these data enrichments is streamlined and made easily accessible. In the end, it ensures the quality of the data used in other Orbit tools.

Integrate With The Organisation’s HR Platform

Outdated employee data – such as an expired course diploma or passport – is a real risk in organisations where multiple HR and ERP platforms store this data. With Orbits skill management system, you can integrate all your software. It makes for a powerful tool to control the organisation’s data updates on an employee level.

Identify The Required Competencies - Fast And Easy

Overall, there are many advantages to having a well-functioning skill management system. It gives the full overview of the organisation’s resources, making it quick and easy to identify the required competencies as needed. Simultaneously, you get an operational tool to use when you need to develop internal skills, recruit new resources, or planning resources for a project. All gathered in one platform.

Let's Get In Touch

This is what Trine Thysgaard from NCC have to say about their Orbit Competency and Skills platform.

"I just have to say - How cool is that with the new CV-system. - You need a few words about a given employee, look it up in a flash and move on in your work. - Freakin awesome” - Trine Thysgaard, NCC

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