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Give The Orbit-Users An Identity

Connecting documents, projects, and activities to the right originators in the organisation can waste plenty of time. With Orbit Profile, you match a face and identity – or rather profile – to everything that happens in Orbit. No more confusion about who did what, when, and where. The profiles connect knowledge to people, making it possible for others to keep track of the employees’ work, comments, and activities – at any time.

Structure Data From The Whole Of Orbit & External Platforms – In One Place

Instead of having your employees’ data scattered to the four winds, you can gather all the information in one place with Orbit Profile. It includes written documentation, project participation, course diplomas, and even data from external platforms – e.g., standard internal data, automatically in the profiles. This form of structured data paves the way for safe data processing, complying with the GDPR, and always updated employee information.

Export Your Orbit Profile – Directly To Your Sales Material

As a unique function in Orbit Profile, you can, as a user, convert your profile to a custom CV. With direct integration to Orbit Reference and Orbit Competence, you can quickly and easily implement projects and references directly in your CV, so you don’t have to waste your time building it from scratch.

In short: A revolutionising and complete solution for CV creation and export.

Make Data More Agile, Operational & Usable

Orbit Profiles opens the door for dynamic and secure processing of your employees’ data. The tool makes the data more agile, operational, and usable across the entire organisation. It means that those working with offers have an easier time drawing these up. Project managers can more easily book resources for their projects, and the employees can easily find and contact each other.

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