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Core Benefits With Using Orbit Reference Management Tool

With Orbit Reference management tool, you will streamline and standardise your references through automated processes. The Reference platform streamlines your tender strategy and leaves time and energy for you to add value to the sales material and ensure agreement between content and reality. This way, you can boost your hit-rate and win more projects.

What to expect
Increase The Value Of Your Tender Material

Give more time and extra energy to your sales designers who can then spend more time enriching data that attributes to the individual proposal’s value.

Higher Probability For PQ

Expect a higher hit-rate/closed deals on the tenders you bid on – and increase your chances of winning.

Updated And Accessible Data

Ensure fully updated data on cases via the creation of processes and standardisation of data enrichment – always ready for direct export.

Maintain Your Brand Identity

Increase your tender material’s recognition value for the tenders by using standardised design templates.

Automatic Creation Of References – Based On Project Data

Companies often store references in a database or individual Word, InDesign or Publisher files saved on a shared drive. Orbit Reference combines these two options in the same system. You can easily create references and cases based on a standardised form by adding the relevant information, prices, and services and upload photos and logos.

Furthermore, you can categorise your reference by industry, department, or client segments and even do automatic creation of references based on existing project data from selected teams in Orbit Profile. Lastly, it is also possible to integrate the system with external back-office systems such as ERP or third-party project management systems. Easy, automatic, and timesaving.

Ensure Updated – And Quality Of Data

When creating professional references and cases, it is necessary to have collected and produced the essential information and data. Orbit Reference offers a notification system that makes it possible to send emails to project managers and QA administrators that can help you gather these data. Simultaneously, the notifications can contribute to ensuring a high quality of the reference work and counteract inconsistencies. It does so by informing key staff members responsible for references about which colleagues in the organisation are making changes to references they have created. Orbit Reference lets you design custom workflows to support whatever needs the company has optimally.

Enrich Data To Create Value

To sum up, there is a great business potential in structuring and digitising your approach to drafting references for sales materials. It releases valuable time for the sales designers in the organisation. Instead, they can channel their time and energy into enriching data to create value for the individual offer. In the end, this value creation can increase the quality and probability of higher hit rates/closing rates on tenders.

Pre-defined Templates – With Easy Export

Orbit’s advanced export system makes it incredibly easy to create professional references and cases based on your information. The transformation happens through the use of pre-defined templates with a custom design that matches your organisation. And the files are just as easy to export – both to .docx, .pptx and .xlsx formats.

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