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Enhance sales workflows and efficiency through operational data

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Streamline and target the sales process

The People & Acquisition platform standardises and streamlines your sales process. Integrations and high-end tools add a new dimension to your business data by effectively bringing data from clients and employees to an operational level – thereby enhancing your workflow and making everyone more effective in their daily work.

In short: Streamline your sales process and spend your time doing what creates value for the business.

The complete toolbox for streamlining your sales process

Profit from field-proven tools designed to streamline your complete sales process – from receiving the client as a lead to the final handover of the client to production.

CRM Tool
Competencies & Skills
Increase the value of your tender material

Give more time and extra energy to your sales designers who can then spend more time enriching data that attributes to the individual proposal’s value.

Higher probability for PQ

Expect a higher hit-rate/closed deals on the tenders you bid on – and increase your chances of winning.

Updated and accessible data

Ensure fully updated data on cases via the creation of processes and standardisation of data enrichment – always ready for direct export.

Maintain your brand identity

Increase your tender material’s recognition value for the tenders by using standardised design templates.

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Orbit your Client & Employee data

With Orbit People & Acquisition, you can take client and employee data to an operational level, meaning that the organisation, as a whole, always has direct and effortless access to fully updated information which creates considerable business advantages:

  • HR has insight into recruitment
  • Sales compose tender material in record time
  • Project managers can book the right competencies for your projects

Orbit your whole business

Orbit People & Acquisition can, in combination with Planning & Execution, constitute a complete platform that can take your entire business to the next level.

The natural dataflows create, altogether, a synergy that helps automatise a wide range of workflows, adding value to your business. Both when a client enters your CRM as a lead, during the handover to production, the execution of the project, the transition to the reference system, and, not least, when the sales department exports the tender material and wins a new client. In other words: Through the entire process from A to Z – from lead to new sales.

Let’s talk about what creates value for your business

We’re always ready to help you with your business’ digitalisation project so you can scale and streamline your organisation on the market. We guide you from the starting point of your unique challenges, ensuring you a solution that adds maximum value to your business.

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