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Core benefits of Orbit Outlook Archive Extension

Orbit Outlook is an ideal extension for organisations where employees spend several working hours in Outlook every day. This Outlook archive extension makes Orbit and Outlook synchronise perfectly, so you can easily navigate your email history and handle both your files, documentation and contacts without a hitch.

Orbit Outlook archive extension can both optimise your workflow significantly, make sure everyone involved in the project stays updated, and avoid losing important information and knowledge along the way.

Contacts from Orbit available directly in Outlook

Wrongly sent emails and vain efforts of finding the right contacts can easily waste your organisation a lot of time, and ultimately money. You can avoid this with Orbit’s Outlook extension. Here, you will gain free access to all your colleagues’ and external partners’ updated contact information – directly in Outlook on your computer or mobile device.

Easy access to project files

The Orbit Outlook archive extension can simplify organisation’s workflow and streamline processes – including making it exceptionally easy to archive and share emails and ducuments with specific projects. At the same time, you reduce the risk of mistakes and inconsistencies in files, because you are always sure that the latest versions of the files are in the project folder – never an older copy.

Gather email history on the project

It can quickly become difficult and unsystematic to forward emails and keep track of whether everyone involved in the project is CC. You do not need to worry about this with Orbit’s Outlook archive extension. Through the intuitive drag-and-drop function, you can easily move emails back and forth and attach files directly to your project. This way, you will keep the perfect overview by gathering the entire email history in one spot – accessible to all relevant parties.

Documentation made easier for all

To sum up, this extension bridges the gap between Orbit and Outlook perfectly. It will provide a significant improvement to work routines – especially for organisations spending much time in Outlook. The features above make it easy and fast to navigate your email history and handle files and contacts – thereby saving you substantial time and costs in everyday life.

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