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Core benefits of the Orbit Project Planning Software

Orbit's Project Planning Software combine functionality and usability that contribute to streamlining your work on both the management and participant level. This tool ensure that you always have a clear overview of your projects progress and no deadlines ore milestones will be exceeded without taking action – easily and effortlessly.

A complete Project Planning Software for effective project management

Project templates

With Orbit’s project templates, you can quickly create standardised projects. You only need to set up tasks once, as they subsequently will be auto-generated. Therefore, you will avoid unnecessary duplication of effort, and the standardised and streamlined processes will heighten both quality and stability.

Use your existing data

Orbit integrate easy with a wide range of ERP-platforms – including, e.g., SAP and Microsoft. This way, you can use existing data within the organisation to create and run the project.

Furthermore Orbit automatically ensures that the project’s updated data becomes aligned with your platform, so the rest of the organisation’s employees always have access to the freshest data. This way, you will make the most out of your business data and and minimise the risk of mistakes.

Visualise project status

Orbit offers an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard that visualise all data from the other project management tools. All involved parties in the project will always have a full overview, and they can easily see the status of the project. This creates transparency and you will also avoid unnecessarily long meetings about the project status.

Simple documentation

Work smarter. That is exactly what Orbit’s project planning software makes possible. With user-friendly file management, it is simple and intuitive to share documents – both internally and externally. This is, not least, because of Orbit’s unique possibility of connecting sales activities from Orbit CRM. This way, you don’t need to brake your workflow to find documents such as supply contracts or email history from the sales process. This ensures a better workflow as well as a higher quality of delivery – right from the planning phase of the project.

Scalable project management

When you work structured with project planning and have the right tools available, you have the possibility of standardising your processes. It makes your project management more scalable on an organisational level and minimises the risk of mistakes and unforeseen happenings during the project.

Orbit SAP-Extension

Does your organisation store data in SAP? Orbit can get data directly from your SAP WBS-structure, so the data becomes operational and can be used for daily management across your organisation. This way, you can avoid that your data updates are late or only done monthly.

Read more about how Orbit can optimise your SAP data

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