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Simple and integrated Time Tracker

Many organisations experience that it is time-consuming and complex to do time recording on projects. With Orbit Time Tracker, you get a simple and integrated tool that makes it possible to track and log time directly on your project – both on a person, task, activity, and project level.

The Time Tracker works as a user-friendly and smart desktop widget for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it can save your employees plenty of time and frustration every day.

User-friendly widget app – for both Windows and Mac

No more wasting time on filling out forms or finding each project in the ERP or accounting system. Tedious and complicated time tracking on projects do not only cost companies time and money. Often, it also leads to imprecise time-recording and inadequate descriptions of what employees spent their time on. Orbit Time Tracker solves problems like these by making time recording faster and easier.

Notifications – let Time Tracker remind you

A busy day at work can make it hard to remember to record all tasks and activities. With Orbit Time Tracker, there is no need to worry about forgetting. The Time Tracker automatically sends you notifications, giving you a heads up if you are working without having an active clock running. You can even get reminders that you have, for instance, worked X number of hours in a row, that you need a break, or that you are off for the day.

Smart time recording on the go

It is a minority of employees that are seated at their workstation throughout the entire day. They are either on the go or otherwise away from their computers, making it hard to record time. Luckily, with our Time Tracker app, you do not need to be by your computer, since you can easily record time directly on your phone – even on the go. In other words, smart time recording is at hand.

Quick & precise Time Tracking

Overall, Orbit Time Tracker is a user-friendly tool that ensures a quick and precise time recording on your projects. It creates advantages regarding invoicing, and it is possible to identify and handle potentially overworked employees, which ultimately can prevent stress and other work-related injuries.

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