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Orbit Outlook extension

Give your Outlook app a boost.

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Core benefits of the Orbit Outlook extension

Orbit Outlook is an ideal extension for organisations where employees spend several working hours in Outlook every day.

The Outlook archive extension makes Orbit and Outlook synchronise perfectly, so you can easily navigate your email history and handle both your files, documentation, and contacts without a hitch.


Synced data from Orbit

Gain free access to all your colleagues’ and external partners’ updated contact information – directly in Outlook on your computer or mobile device.

synced orbit data


Easy access to project files

Simplify your organisation’s workflow and streamline processes – including making it exceptionally easy to archive and share emails and documents with specific projects.

project files


Collect your e-mail history

Through the intuitive drag-and-drop function, you can easily move emails back and forth and attach files directly to your project. This way, you will keep the perfect overview by gathering the entire email history in one spot – accessible to all relevant parties.

email archive

3 steps to achieve hassle-free contact management

Contact management can be stressful and create extra work. But done right, it can help ease your workload.

Get the three-step guide to upgrade your contact management.

contact mansgement

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