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Two-way SAP integration

Bring your WBS data to an operationel level with the Orbit open API to guarantee fast and easy access to all your SAP-data instantly.

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Solutions designed for SAP environments

Orbit has developed a fully integrated solution for the SAP platform that makes it possible for your business data to become accessible on an operational level. This means that every person with access will be able to use and update the organisation’s data – directly in Orbit. And if you wish, the two-way integration also makes it possible to automatically update all your data in SAP.

Our solution is tailored to SAP environments.

Safety first – also when it comes to data. With Orbit, you’re always guaranteed GDPR-safe data processing, which makes it possible to include already existing information – e.g. your organisation’s Network SAP data that will be transferred directly to your Orbit-solution without a hitch.

employee data

Why you should choose the Orbit API to free your SAP data

Accessable data

Operational SAP data on a daily basis - without a required SAP license

Always updated projects

Accessible SAP data and reporting for both project managers and employees, making it easier for them to oversee their projects

Auto-syncronised data

  • Fast access to detailed overviews of projects, staffing, competencies, time, deadlines, changes to deadlines, etc.

Better forecasts

Improved predictability and financial performance

How our data import works in practice

The specification requirements for integration with Orbit

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