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The compliance management solution to improve your documentation workflow

Become operationalised & compliant on every data level.

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Features to upgrade your compliance management

Easily implement compliance processes continuously in your project model and collect data for your ESG, ISO and LCA rapports - and many others. This way you will have less administrative hassle and processes will directly benefit the execution.


Efficient quality assurance

With this tool, you can easily document ongoing quality assessments for your projects - for example in terms of requesting and retaining the ISO certification.


Risk analysis

Document your actions

Risk analysis data for all individual projects will be highly accessible. History analyses and documentation are saved in Orbit in a convenient structure.

Risk analysis

Check lists

Procedure management

Operate advanced check lists in the documentation of your procedures. For example when onboarding new employees or when inspecting equipment.

GDPR compliant

Standardise your project model process

Orbit compliance management software allows you to merge documentation, data compilations and processes to comply with standing regulatory, legal and industry related requirements as well as organisational policies like environmental, health and consumer standards of everyday project management templates.


Process for smooth GDPR clean-up

Step 1

Upload your document to Orbit.

Step 2

Mark file, write a comment, and create a log.

Step 3

Use filter to locate all GDPR files.

Step 4

Update log, then delete or clear personal info.

Make compliance management part of your Outlook app

Your compliance management process can easily be integrated with Outlook. This will ensure that important knowledge, information, and correspondences related to clients and projects are always documented and never get lost and thus stay accessible to every employee in the future.

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Checkpoints for process documentation

With a predefined checkpoint, you have the option of entering for example a 'fixed date' or a 'relative date'. If you set a relative date, you can define the date of execution for the project task based on the deadline or start date for each of the individual tasks.
This way, your process for handling specific tasks is safely documented and operationalised.

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