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Orbit For Construction

As with any other project, the construction project management cycle consists of several phases – from RFP to design, planning, scheduling and the build itself. Each of these phases are highly complicated, but bringing them together in a successful construction project takes the complexity to another level.

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Orbit For Manufactures

Suppose you are looking for a solution that streamlines your workflow and transforms your entire organisation to a standardised and scalable process for planning and production – ranging from planning to execution and reporting back to management. In that case, Orbit is the obvious solution for you.

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Orbit For Engineering

Orbit enables you to gather your entire organisation's data on a single platform and allows you to standardise and streamline a range of internal processes – from tenders for new projects to design and delivery.

If you are looking for a solution that will make your life easier, then Orbit is the obvious choice.

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Orbit For Architects

Being a busy architect with many different roles, it can be a daunting task to keep an overview of the flow of your current projects while forecasting resources for new ones as well as preparing reference material for the next RFP.

The answer to these challenges is an intuitive software solution that embraces your entire process and collects all data on a single platform.

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