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Core Benefits Of Using The Orbit CRM Software

The Orbit CRM tool supports your sales department and takes their efforts to the next level. You get a user-friendly and intuitive platform, where your pipeline becomes the focal point for an overall sales team. It enables its users to handle both clients, activities, and offers, and control the direct contact with clients.

Update Contact Information

Enrich your leads profiles with contact information and synchronise with your Outlook app.

E-mail Journals On Your Contacts

All emails sent between the organisation and the leads' will be journaled automatically on the contact in Orbit.

Make Client Data More Accessible

Equip your business development managers with enriched client data from your projects so they can work goal-oriented, increase resales, and strengthen client relations – for the benefit of the entire organisation.

Control Your Pipeline

Achieve a constant overview of potential clients, increase your chances of closing the deal, and optimise your ability to assess when it is realistic to get a new client.

Always Have The Right Contact Information In Your Outlook App


Your leads' contact information are a crucial part of your sales process. With Orbit CRM software, you can, in short, strengthen the internal cooperation in your sales team. It has never been easier to enrich your leads profiles with contact information, and with the Orbit Outlook Archive Extension, all contacts automatically synchronise to the involved sales representative’s Outlook contacts, documents, and email history. Thus, all involved parties can closely follow the lead's history and development.


Report Expected Business To Management

If the management of your organisation works data based with the company’s growth strategy, our integration with Power BI gives you an obvious opportunity to create insights into:

1# The overall performance of the sales department

2# Forecasting the expected revenue based on pipeline data


This way, the management is constantly up to date with the company's KPIs.

Use The CRM-Tool Organisation-Wide

We believe that a CRM software shouldn’t be limited to sales work. Quite the contrary!

Client data should flow across the organisation and provide information to both customer service and production. That is why we have chosen to integrate the CRM tool naturally in our Orbit product, upping its applicability.

The tool can be used as a stand-alone CRM software and work as a connecting link to structure your data from an external CRM platform, so your client data will become more accessible on an operational level.

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Stay Focused On Your Pipeline


For the cooperation within your sales team to work optimally, it is necessary to have a full overview of the sales pipeline. You need to know your potential clients, the chances of closing the deal, and not least, be able to assess when it is realistic to get a new client. With Orbit’s CRM software, you can make this data more accessible, meaning that forecasting budgets and labour needs can begin already during the sales work.


Let's Level-up Your Business

The advantages of a CRM software like Orbit CRM Tool are many. By making your client data accessible to the entire organisation, you streamline the production and level-up your service delivery. You can expect prolonged client collaborations, and your business development managers are equipped with the necessary data to work intensely and goal-oriented – for the benefit of the entire organisation.

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