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Orbit Planning & Execution platform is a collection of tools that ensure scalable project management – across the organisation. The tools are developed to allow you to scale your business, while at the same time taking care of your employees, maintaining the standard of quality, and focusing on creating value for your business.


“It should not be a hassle to work with what creates true value.”

Project Planning
Resource Planning
Contact Management
File Sharing & Documentation
Time Tracker

Realtime overview and transparency with the easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard that visualises all data from projects – across the organisation.

Orbit SAP-extension

Get data directly from your SAP platform, making the data operational, accessible, and usable in daily management – across your organisation.

Project templates

The standardised and streamlined processes will heighten both quality and stability – and you will avoid unnecessary duplication of effort.

Integrate with all ERP-platforms

Through complete integration, you will make the most out of your business data – and minimise the risk of mistakes and thereby costs.

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Use Your Data Smarter

ERP-platforms are obvious for storing a vast amount of business data. But they are rarely built for handling daily updates and user access. Orbit Planning & Execution makes your business data accessible on an operational level, so everyone in your organisation can access updated data and enrich it continuously – via the same user-friendly platform.

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Orbit Your Entire Business

All tools in Orbit Planning & Execution are in close collaboration across the organisation. It means that data can flow smoothly between departments and teams and that history is continuously updated carefully, which ultimately brings value to the rest of the organisation:

  • Business development managers can always access historical data and thereby grow existing clients
  • Project managers have constant access to sales material and can, therefore, ensure service delivery on the project
  • Team Leaders always have an overview of milestones and deadlines and are, thereby, able to prioritise resources correctly

Do You Often Create Tenders With References & Profiles?

In that case, it would be ideal to use our other product: Orbit Bidding & Qualifications. This way, all project data is gathered in one standardised platform. - A need to have for every sales designer.

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