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A prosperous partnership

For more than a decade, Orbit has provided Artelia Denmark with a proposal winning CV and reference solution, which to a great extend is a product of two companies' successful cooperation and friendly exchanges of ideas, requests, and high-quality results.





Implemented Orbit



Bidding & Qualification

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“We have used Orbit for 10 years now – and that will not change. Thank you for your innovative approach and for keeping up with market demands”.

Rikke Thøgersen Bøttker
Project Manager and System Owner at Artelia Denmark

10 years of succesful scaling

Artelia Denmark, formerly MOE, was one of the first customers to use the Orbit platform. Ever since, they have had significant influence on Orbit’s development and progress over the years. This has resulted in a streamlined, standardised solution for Artelia Denmark that perfectly fits their workflows and needs.

Our two businesses have certainly prospered together and at Orbit we look forward to many more years of successful cooperation.

"Today Orbit can provide highly flexible solutions able to effectively kickstart any scaling business strategies, because we have been so lucky as to work closely together with successful and fast-growing businesses like Artelia Denmark."

Anders Dyrholm, Client Development Manager - Orbit Online
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Identification and export of CVs and references

In Orbit, Artelia Denmark has created a systematised reference work where the bidding department can easily locate the exact materials to match tender specifications for any project.

This saves employees a lot of time, guarantees material of high quality, and provides a useful overview of available references.


Filtering & keyword search

Advanced search functions and dynamic filtering provide an effective search tool for identifying competences and keeping an overview of the reference versioning library.



Selected, relevant content

Matching CV competences with specific tender demands and data specifications provides a vital overview of the project in question and ensures a high quality end product.



Responsive design template

Smoothly export CVs and references from Orbit to Word, InDesign, Powerpoint, and Exel formats through the use of pre-defined, professional templates that match company design.


Smooth integration with other systems

Deltek Maconomy

Time tracking data is automatically imported so that each profile’s involvement in a project can be correctly registered on their CVs.

Active Directory

Core data and registration of new employees are automatically generated and easily accessed.

Additional functions in Artelia Denmark's solution

IOS & Android App

Access, create, and update CRM activities wherever you are - also on the go, and never miss a potential lead.

CRM system

Highly effective software that allows you to stay on top of company sales pipelines. Shared knowledge and data will help your team work optimally and foresee the needs of your company.

Certifications & skills

Advanced skill management software that makes it possible to handle and update all employees’ skills and certifications in one place.

Outlook plugin

Convert your Outlook App into a CRM and do all your work where your contacts already exist.

Power BI plugin

Effortlessly visualise and combine data from different sources to get an automatically designed, complete rapport on the statistics you choose - on a personalised dashboard.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about Orbit’s Bidding & Qualification solution or how our standardised platform can help your business create winning proposals too, don’t hold yourselves back. Reach out to our extremely skilful development manager Anders who has worked with the digitalisation of bidding processes in Orbit for more than 10 years.

Anders Dyrholm

Anders Dyrholm

Client Development Manager
Orbit Online A/S

Åbogade 25

8200 Aarhus