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Welcome to Orbit 7.1

Watch our livestream where René, CEO of Orbit, will present the new features of Orbit 7.1 This event is a unique opportunity to see how Orbit continues to push the boundaries of how data can be operationalized for your benefit.


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The biggest news in Orbit 7.1

Even better overview of resources

The GANTT view now divides resources into 'booked' and 'available', divided by subject area. This provides a clear overview of available resources for future projects.

Total overview of communication

We have made it possible to see the entire history of communication on contact, company or project level by collecting notes and emails in one timeline.

New Outlook plugin

The Outlook plugin has undergone a design upgrade, become more intuitive and given an intelligent twist.

Better checklist management

The creation of checklists has become more flexible so they can be better utilised in your risk management and ongoing documentation work.

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Even more news in Orbit 7.1

    • Sorting of project checklists

      In the project overview, it is now possible to sort and filter projects based on their checklists and risk assessments. This is especially valuable for identifying projects with potential risks - or simply to isolate any projects that need special attention to meet deadlines and production quality.

    • Milestones are now visible in GANTT

      Milestones such as shipping or approval dates, as well as checkpoints for ordering materials or follow-ups, are now marked in different colours directly on the project Gantt chart and project overview. This provides a complete overview of all important dates in the entire project portfolio.

    • Adding checklists on active projects

      Previously, checklists could only be added to a project through a project template. It is now possible to add a checklist directly to an active project, making it possible to repeat checklists annually or add a risk analysis for each project phase. For example, during equipment installation or when new subcontractors are added to the project.

    • Phone number in free text search

      We have made it possible to perform a free text search on all phone numbers – for both internal employees and CRM contacts, and it even works in the Orbit for Mobile app. Have you received a call you don't recognise? Check Orbit before calling back.

    • A search engine for emails

      We have built a new overview that allows you to search across manually and automatically archived emails.

    • Email history for company or contact

      It is now possible to get a complete overview of emails archived under a company and all contacts involved.

    • Synchronisation of company data in CRM

      When creating a new company in the CRM system, it is now possible, with a valid VAT number, to synchronise company data from an external source. Currently, the Danish CVR database is supported, but more sources will be added soon.

    • Hidden contacts

      In the CRM system, it is now possible to hide contacts that no longer work for the specific company or organisation.

    • Breakdown of booked and available resources

      The sum of resources in the resource overview is now divided into booked and available resources, per project type. This makes it easy to get an overview of how many production resources we have available or how many expected resources on sales projects we need in the future.

    • Extended project search

      The 'Relevant Projects' search function now also includes tasks and activities that you are assigned to. This ensures that you can locate all the projects you are part of, not just those where you are officially part of the project team.

    • Versioning of checklists

      It is now possible to create a new version of checklists without making any changes. For example, if you have a process where you create a new, timestamped checklist each month.

    • Sorted search results

      It is now possible to sort search results by creation or modification timestamp to easily identify recently modified files that match a given search, such as recently modified contacts or the latest archived emails.

    • Better UX on language versioned CVs

      When editing a CV or a reference in a language different from the original creation language, it is only possible to translate existing elements, not add new ones. To avoid confusion, we have changed the approach to the 'add' buttons: previously, they were hidden when inactive. Now, they are displayed in a disabled state with an informative tooltip explaining the reason for their deactivation.

    • Easy configuration of the Outlook plugin

      Administrators now have the option to send an invitation to Outlook users via email. This email contains metadata with the necessary authentication information to log in to their solution. This is smart because all you have to do is archive the invitation email and gain access to Orbit through Outlook.

    • Export people involved in specific projects

      New standard export template where it is possible to select a number of employees and then get a complete list of the projects they have worked on. This makes it possible to select a number of reference projects and then get the complete list of people involved in these projects.

    • New thumbnail generator

      We have optimised the way Orbit generates thumbnails for a faster and even more stable service. This is important when exporting image-heavy files, such as references.

    • Roles for contact persons

      It is now possible to assign organisational roles to contacts in the CRM system, similar to what is possible in the project organisation in the project module. The purpose of this is to make it easier to identify roles and responsibilities among contacts in larger organisations.

    • Better overview of available capacity

      We have improved the view for the project's professional groups, so it not only shows available capacity but also the total number of activities and tasks. This view also includes a base estimate for these activities and tasks, as well as the registered hours within each professional group. This provides the project manager with an in-depth overview, which is crucial for delivering the project on time.

    • Reminder of pending approval

      We have added a new notification feature for individuals responsible for approving a deliverable. This notification can be configured to be sent in a specific time frame after the original request, or to coincide with the deadline for the task or activity where the deliverable is located.

    • Project numbers in the file overview

      The display of project numbers in the file overview of projects has been improved to better align with the principles used in the rest of the project module.

    • Competences are active when created

      Newly created competencies, courses, etc., will now be set as active by default. It is still possible to make a competency inactive if necessary.

    • AI for organising emails

      We have implemented artificial intelligence to optimise the organisation of archived emails. Our AI categorises emails by projects, companies and contacts.

    • Internal notes and emails in relevant context

      We have added emails in the CRM system to the company, contact and activity feeds, providing a complete timeline of internal notes, received and sent emails for any company or entire project organisation.

    • Improved display of emails

      On contacts, we have improved the way emails are displayed and viewed in the CRM system. They now all appear folded together to give a better overview. It is also possible to view them directly in Orbit instead of downloading and opening them in Outlook.

    • Add tags to activity notes in CRM

      When capturing notes for sales activities, we have introduced the option to tag these notes with specific event tags, such as 'meeting', 'proposal', etc. This enables targeted filtering, allowing you to isolate all notes related to specific events, such as meetings or price discussions, which is crucial in long sales processes. Additionally, this feature allows for the creation of custom PowerBI dashboards that aggregate data on meetings, proposals, and other events over specific periods or within particular business segments.

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René Dalsgaard

René Dalsgaard

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