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WSP Denmark is future ready!

By using Orbit, WSP Denmark easily manages existing and new CVs and references thanks to a standardised system that streamlines and optimises the process.





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Bidding & Qualification

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”Orbit is a brilliant tool for connecting references and CVs. In the bidding department, we can quickly obtain relevant CVs and references by searching the different competences and field categories”

Svend Émile Tybjerg
Head of Bids, WSP Denmark

Bidding material that will give you the win

WSP Denmark’s CV and reference data have been organised in Orbit so that the company is in possession of a complete library, where everybody can always explore, export, and add to the relevant proposal material.
As a result, WSP Denmark can now focus on all the other important aspects of preparing a winning bid.


Filtering & keyword search

Advanced search functions and dynamic filtering provide an effective search tool for identifying “Table of contents” elements in the company library.

search result


Selected, relevant content

Matching CV competences with specific tender demands and data specifications provides a vital overview of the project in question.



Responsive design template

Smoothly export CVs and references from Orbit to Word, InDesign, Powerpoint, and Exel formats through the use of pre-defined, professional templates that match company design.


Technical specifications

Private cloud

WSP Denmarks's data in Orbit is kept separately from other clients’ and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Personalised configurations

WSP Denmarks's Orbit solution has been configurated and modified to fit their specific content needs.

European hosting

WSP Denmark's confidential business data is securely stored by a GDPR and Shrems II approved, German hosting provider.

Open API

WSP Denmark has the opportunity to integrate company systems with other IT systems and through that optimise data usage.

Additional functions in WSP Denmark's solution

WSP Denmark's Bidding & Qualification solution in Orbit includes expert features for every step of the sales process - from exploring the first leads to the submission of the actual bidding proposal. Take a closer look at the full solution below.

Android & IOS App

Access, improve, and update sales activities wherever you are - also on the go, and never miss bidding on a potential project.

CRM Solution

Highly effective software that allows you to stay on top of company sales pipelines. Shared knowledge and data will help your team work optimally and foresee the needs of your company.

Certifications & Skills

Advanced skill management software that makes it possible to handle and update all employees’ skills and certifications in one place.

Outlook plugin

Convert your Outlook App into a CRM and do all your work where your contacts already exist.

Power BI plugin

Effortlessly visualise and combine data from different sources to get an automatically designed, complete rapport on the statistics you choose.

Want to get to know Orbit better?

Are you curious and want to hear more about Orbit's solutions? Or do you want to manage your company's CV and references as easily and professionally as WSP Denmark?

If the answer to one or both of these questions is ‘yes’, then don’t hesitate another second, but reach out to our extremely skilful development manager Anders, who has more than 10 years of experience in Orbit.

Anders Dyrholm

Anders Dyrholm

Client Development Manager
Orbit Online A/S

Åbogade 25

8200 Aarhus N