CRM and project management combined

- and how to do it!
René DalsgaardRené Dalsgaard

René Dalsgaard

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Does your CRM tool connect sales with project management?

If not, you might find yourself carrying out a bunch of tasks manually. This is definitely time-consuming, but it can also affect your ability to work within deadlines and your client’s satisfaction.

The question is: Are you getting the most out of your CRM platform?

If your CRM has not made collaboration between departments as easy as you hoped for, it is time to consider how to improve the communication between teams.

Let’s take a closer look at the combination of CRM and project management – and how this can help you standardise sales processes and bring value to the project execution.

Why combine CRM with project management?

CRM platforms are great for managing customer relations and securing easier communication. But why do we encourage using a CRM tool with your project management?

You probably already know that the transfer from sales to project execution is a sensitive exercise. The relationship between the seller and the client, as well as agreements about the project, has to be passed on as the project planning begins.

When combining CRM and project management, all this information is shared between departments. Prices, details and special agreements made in the final phase of your sales activities are automatically transferred to the initial phase of the project process.

Now, department silos are no longer an issue since information is easily shared. This improves the success of the project and keeps your customer happy throughout the process.

How great is that?

The long list of advantages - when combining CRM with project management

Among others, you can:

  • Ensure alignment between Project Management and Sales

Avoid department silos and ensure alignment between Project Management and Sales. Handing over clients to production or execution from the sales department will become a smooth and easy process with no following misunderstandings.

  • Promote quality control

Consistent quality is crucial for your success. Allow your clients to see and approve deliverables and turn your customers into strong partners.

  • Ensure an orderly, optimised process

Make sure that all parties do what they do best at the right time. Avoid failed projects by making the process and individual stages clear and standardised.

  • Stay focused on your pipeline

Gain a full overview of your sales pipeline in order to ensure the best cooperation in your sales team. By making data easily accessible, you can forecast budgets and labour needs already during sales work.

  • Use your CRM across the entire organisation

When using CRM with project management, the CRM is not limited to sales work only. We believe that your CRM should enable client data to flow across your entire organisation in order to avoid department silos.

  • Grow your business

Combining CRM software with project management enables you to streamline projects much easier. In other words, you can level up your entire business and service. This leads to stronger and longer-lasting collaborations with your customers.

These two combined seems like a match made in heaven. But why struggle with integrating two different platforms when you can make use of one single solution that combines both features? One solution that ensures alignment and great cooperation across your entire organisation.

Nordstern already benefit from this approach to scale their business


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