Nordstern and Orbit use case


Nordstern used Orbit's end-to-end management solution to restructure their sales and delivery structure and secure free data flow between departments.





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Use case



Nordstern (former CASA and KPC) had its beginning in 1979 and has since then grown to over 500 employees with a turnover of more than DKK 5 billion.

As one of the largest contracting companies in Denmark, Nordstern is setting the course for green construction. Since 2020, they have been actively working with a sustainability strategy, and today, 95% of new Nordstern development has a sustainability certification.

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Nordstern's challenge

Nordstern needed to establish a solid connection between project development and project management. They wanted to avoid a disconnect between departments, which could cause both development and project management to overstep each other when dealing with present and potential clients. Instead, they wanted to make data more fluent throughout the company and across departments.

Orbit solution

To improve the handover between project development and project management, Nordstern decided to implement both parts of the Orbit solution. This means that they now benefit from CRM, file handling, CV and reference tool, Power BI plugin and much more – all in the same solution.

Result: The Nordstern Way

With Orbit’s end-to-end project management solution, Nordstern re-structured their processes for sales and delivery. They call it the Nordstern Way. They can now create a project as soon as it is in the sales pipeline, enabling development and project management to work on the same projects simultaneously.

Data and vital information about projects, developers and sales flow freely across departments, and everyone support each other in creating better market relationships and more opportunities and keeping up with company KPI’s.