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JORTON used Orbit's CV & Reference management to implement a process for data enrichment, making it a shared responsibility that CVs are always up-to-date and ready to use for proposal material.





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As such, this case is not about Orbit, but about changing an organisation's culture and an approach to data management. Standardise your internal processes for updating the employees CVs - and never miss another datapoint in your PQ material.

Anette Waldstrøm
Prequalification Specialist, JORTON


JORTON A/S was founded in 1932 by unemployed construction workers. They began doing contract work after the Second World War and experienced rapid growth as they became a major player in industrialised housing in the 1950s.

The construction industry has changed significantly since JORTON was founded, but the company remains true to its core. Today, JORTON is a nationwide construction business and does both turnkey contracts as well as general and individual trade contracts.

background story JORTON


JORTON's material quality and proposal process are crucial for bidding on projects, especially for the prequalification phase of public projects.

That’s why CV and reference database maintenance is one of the most important tasks in JORTON's HR & Marketing department, where they manage all prequalification projects. If they don't have a process for data enrichment, this would probably also be one of the most complicated and stressful tasks.


The main reason for JORTON's success with data enrichment is that there are dedicated employees who make sure that key people in the organisation update their CVs.

They have developed a process and a company culture that ensures constant access to updated CVs when preparing prequalification materials.

Here's how it's done!

the process


JORTON's new process for data enrichment and the Orbit Bidding & Qualifications solution has solved a number of the organisation's challenges and significantly streamlined the prequalification process.

  • A database of updated CVs that can quickly be added to the prequalification material
  • Proposal material is now delivered before the deadline, and the process is - mostly - stress-free.
  • Allow versioning of CVs so they are consistent with the prequalification material and the client's terminology.

Keynotes from this case

To be successful in getting your colleagues to prioritise updating their own CV, it requires a corporate culture with respect and understanding of what goes on across departments. At JORTON, they have done a great job communicating the value of the prequalification work internally.

Through visits to the different regions, the HR & Marketing department has created a close relationship with the regional managers and created an understanding of the importance of their competencies and role in creating new business.

    • Who owns the data?

      When key employees update their own CVs, you move the task out of the bidding department and closer to the source. Make sure that the PQ managers define which references and CVs are relevant for the database.

    • How do I avoid bottlenecks?

      Avoid bottlenecks in the organisation by giving your prequalification managers the mandate to address relevant resources. Be careful not to limit them with lengthy approval processes.

    • How to prioritise the content?

      Skilled prequalification managers know the market and what reference and CV versions are needed to angle a piece of targeted material that pre-qualifies you for an RFP. It is crucial for your prequalification that the department in charge of the task has the market knowledge and is allowed to use its competencies to take responsibility for which projects and CVs are created.

    • Don't forget your darlings

      Remember to pay tribute to the colleagues who excel at updating their CVs. How to do this depends on the company culture. But by all means, do not be stingy with acknowledgments!

Ready to take the next step?

If you have any questions about Orbit’s Bidding & Qualification solution or how our standardised platform can help your business create winning proposals too, don’t hold yourselves back. Reach out to our extremely skilful development manager Anders who has worked with the digitalisation of bidding processes in Orbit for more than 10 years.

Anders Dyrholm

Anders Dyrholm

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