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The Project Management Solution That Benefits The Entire Organisation

Suppose you are looking for a solution that streamlines your workflow and transforms your entire organisation to a standardised and scalable process for planning and production – ranging from planning to execution and reporting back to management. In that case, Orbit is the obvious solution for you.

Forecast Your Production
Scalable Project Management
Execute On Your Projects
Simple Documentation & File Sharing

Forecast Your Production

In a sales situation, it may be essential to give a realistic answer to when a project can be initiated. For this, you can use our resource management tool, that makes it easy to obtain an overview of when you realistically have the necessary resources available to kickstart the next extensive project.

Project Management In A Manufacturing Company

It is a complex and demanding task to plan and estimate a production. To avoid unnecessary bottlenecks and overbooked resources, the project manager must have an updated overview of the organisation’s data. Some companies try to overcome this challenge by letting an SAP controller create a project overview in Excel. It is rarely a sustainable solution since this approach is often imprecise and ineffective – with shortcomings and outdated data.

Case: Get Rid Of Your Spreadsheets!

There are many great examples of how Orbit can help your company.

For example, the fact that M&J Recycling now has a common platform for project management, which can be accessed and edited simultaneously, has been a noticeable improvement for project management – right from task management to supply chain, communication to administration, and reporting back to management.

Especially during the Corona pandemic ...

... where employees have been working from home most of the time, they have continued to be able to collaborate through Orbit across departments and complete the expected amount of projects as estimated.

It would not have been possible without Orbit. Finally, you will have motivated employees who find it cool to work in a web-based system instead of numerous excel sheets.

Read the entire case

Orbit Core Features For Manufactures

The Orbit platform consists of several tools that combine to allow you to work with data based process optimisation and give you a constant and up-to-date overview of all your projects and resources.

Case: SKAN Forecasts New Projects In 90-seconds

Learn how SKAN uses Orbit as an operational tool. It helps the project managers control the workload on ongoing projects in the company, and it enables the company’s director of the business unit to create fast and accurate forecasts for production to the sales team.

Read & learn how they do it

Integrate With SAP Environment

Orbit’s open API allows you to integrate this platform into your other business systems, enabling you to work operationally with data from your supply chain or WBS structure. In this way, you can always access up-to-date data, avoid bottlenecks and avoid having to record data in multiple systems.

Read more about Orbit for SAP environments

Try Our Resource Planning Tool For 7 Days

Get started testing our resource planning tool today. A test server is set up and ready for you to get a taste of Orbit and try our resource planning tool.

Once you have filled out the form, you will receive a link to log into Orbit. You have 7 days free access to try our platform.


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