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Core Benefits Of Using The Orbit Resource Planning Tool

With the Orbit Resource Planning Tool, you can gather all your necessary data in one functional and clear tool. This solution ensures that you always have a clear overview of your resources and that any overstretched teams or employees are relieved. At the same time, you will be equipped to be able to read the markets development and constantly be at the forefront of the most urgent tasks.

Resource Planning Features
Experience Orbit - A Complete Solution
Avoid Overbooked Resources

Get a clear overview of your resources and have certainty that any overstretched teams or employees are relieved.

Read The Market

Be equipped so that you can read the market’s development, act proactively and continuously be at the forefront of the most urgent tasks.

Forecast New Projects

Conquer the sales situation and boost your win-rate by giving a realistic and quick answer to when a project can be initiated.

Minimise Wasted Time And Delays

Avoid erroneous bookings and reduce unpleasant surprises such as missing or expired certifications and expensive project delays.

Avoid Overbooked Work Centers

Overbooked employees or lack of competencies in a project can have serious consequences for the company – both financially and operationally. With Orbit Resource Planning tool you can always be at the forefront and consider early on whether you should hire new employees or whether you are best served by upgrading your current employees skills.

Get An Idea Of The Case - Clear Visualisation Of Your Booked Resources

Resource planning can be a time-consuming task that causes administrative hassle in everyday life. With Orbits Resource Planning tool, you can save both time and labour, as the tool always gives you an updated and clear visualisation of your resources. That way, you always have a well-informed basis for being able to assess whether there is a profit to invest in new projects, or what consequences previously exceeded deadlines will have for your available resources in the future.


Orbit has helped us to a better solution than we could have imagined. Through ongoing advice and guidance from Orbit, we got a platform that suited us." - Mila Vester Stenbye

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Forecast Projects Fast & Accurate

In a sales situation, it can be crucial to be able to give a realistic answer to when a project can be initiated. For this, you can use our simple “drag-and-drop” board that makes it easy to obtain an overview of when you realistically have the necessary resources available to kickstart the next extensive project.

SKAN Pharmaceutical

SKAN resource forecast

The 90-second Forecast

SKAN uses Orbit as an operational tool. It enables the company’s director of business unit to create fast and accurate forecasts for production to the sales team.

"The 2 factors that were most critical in the end were the more modern design style combined with great features already fitting most of our needs." - Raphael Fischer, Application Engineer at SKAN AG

Read the use case on how SKAN realised their ambitious objective and thereby streamlined how they make proposals, by integrating Orbit.

Reduce Incorrectly Booked Resources

– and avoid wasted time and delays

Incorrectly booked resources typically hinder the overall efficiency of the work performance. They will eventually cost you unnecessary wasted time and money.

However, it can be difficult to remember all your colleagues core competencies, certifications, and occupancy rate.

With professional groups, you can form an overview of the availability of your resources with specific competencies or experience. That way, you can effectively avoid erroneous bookings and reduce unpleasant surprises.

Why Businesses Fail In Forecasting Their Resources

"Data silos and outdated data often constitute a hindrance to maintain the resource overview within the company. No “cutting-edge-it-super-solution” can fix that for you. You need a company culture and an approach to data management to support the case."

If you are strugling with this type of hassle in your business, you might wanna read our articles and cases, to find input on how to upgrade your resource management.

Explorer our content about resource management

Use The Data You Already Have

Our Resource Planning tool is fully integrable with the most business platforms. This means that you can fully optimise and simplify your resource prioritisation. You also get the ideal conditions to be able to run punctual projects more easily and efficiently.

Solutions designed for SAP environments

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